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The Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Richest Noob Player

The Lokesh Gamer: Free Fire Richest Noob Player

by priyanka singh

free fire richest noob player in worldview people have managed to infiltrate the Free Fire community to this extent. Lokesh has done everything from leveling up his character and obtaining all of the skins in one game, to streaming himself pretending he is a completely different player. He does a great job at making it seem realistic and has given everyone more entertainment.
The creator opens up every event that is featured in the game every day and has almost every cosmetic skin that developers include.

Free Fire is an extremely popular game in India and many Free Fire gamers follow Lokesh Gamer’s YouTube channel to find out which skins are dropping first. The creator is always one step ahead of everyone and it has made him the richest noob in the Indian gaming community.
If you follow him or even watch his videos, you can notice that he uses a lot of emotes when playing and tries to make his channel different from the rest.

During one of his streams, he also admitted that he had spent around 17 lakhs purchasing badges alone. This was one of the reasons why Lokesh Gamer was called the free fire richest noob player.
Viewers do not get to see his gameplay often, but they find him buying lots of diamonds and spending them on cosmetics every time. In one of his videos, he also mentioned that he had spent around 17 lakhs purchasing badges alone. This was one of the reasons why Lokesh Gamer was called the free fire richest noob player.
And when he was playing a game, he set a record of purchasing 1.5 lakh skins in one go.

One of his videos was actually the most uploaded episode ever and took YouTube’s world record for the most views on an episode. This is why Lokesh Gamer is called the Rich noob in Free Fire by many people because he does a great job at making it seem realistic and has given everyone more entertainment than they could have ever imagined.

Who are Noobs in Free Fire?

If you’re new to Free Fire, the best way to get started is with some of our featured beginner tips.
But if you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide on how to win, we also have a complete Free Fire game guide. If you want even more complete coverage of the game, there are also premium memberships available that give you access to even more features and content.
To win a Free Fire game, you have to know about Noobs & Pros. They are very important for good gameplay. If there are no noobs, it will be impossible to have any gaming content. Basically, there are two types of Noobs – Unskilled and Skillful Noobs.

Unskilled Noobs: Unskilled basically means that they don’t know how to control their weapons or they don’t know how to shoot well.
Skillful Noobs: Skillful Noobs are actually not noobs. They know how to play well, but they don’t know how to play by the rules. They can kill players and can win the rounds but they lose due to their own mistakes.

free fire richest noob player

Some interesting facts about Lokesh:

Lokesh Gamer is a YouTuber connect to Free Fire, which is a mobile battle royale shooter publish and published by Garena.
This gamer’s real name is Lokesh Raj Singh. Lokesh is known as Raj and “The Diamond King.” He was born and brought up in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
Lokesh’s height is approximately 175cm tall with 56kg weight. Lokesh’s family is not publicly well known.
Lokesh has a younger sister whose name and age he has not known in public. Lokesh is unmarried and he belongs to the Hindu community. Currently lives with Nikita. Nikita is his girlfriend. She helps Lokesh in the Lokesh Gamer channel.
Nikita also has her own YouTube channel, LR7 Moon, where she uploads collaboration videos with Lokesh and Free Fire content.
Lokesh is a fan of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. Lokesh enjoys watching and playing cricket. He does not drink or smoke.

The Lokesh gamer YouTube channel:

This article will take a look at the Lokesh gamer YouTube channel, which has been around since 2019. It will also discuss how it has come to be one of the most subscribed channels in India and all around the world.

  • Lokesh created and uploaded his first Free Fire video on his YouTube channel, Lokesh Gamer, in 2019, more than a year before the court ban and subsequent player influx.
  • At the time of writing, Lokesh Gamer’s main YouTube channel has more than 12.5 million subscribers. That puts him in the top 100 most subscribed channels in India.
  • Lokesh is also active on Twitch, where he streams about eight hours per day and features commentary for Free Fire updates. He also has a Facebook page, an Instagram page, and his own personal channel where he posts Free Fire videos.
  • According to a recent tweet from him, his YouTube channel has more than 6 billion views. His channel is rank in the top 100 YouTube channels, and the channel’s total views eclipse the total views of other popular YouTube channels like PewDiePie.
  • A July 2019 tweet informs us of recent subscribers and his newfound fame as a YouTuber. In the Tweet, Lokesh mentions he has been feature on national television with Wizcraft Gaming. And has been invite to events like VidCon East Asia and VidCon Europe.
  • Additionally, Lokesh gamer’s videos are regularly feature on major news channels like BBC and other major international news agencies.
  • Lokesh has also built a large fanbase for his channel. His recent tweet about fan tattoos. Shows that his fans find him so much into the game that they put his face on their body.
  • As of the most recent June 2019 update. Lokesh Gamer was available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.
  • The YouTube channel is also available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • He has a fan base in the millions. And even more subscribers than the number of Indians currently playing Free Fire. This number will only rise once the game ban is lifted—Lokesh is a household name in India.

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