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Kerala lottery

How does the Kerala lottery work?

by priyanka singh

Kerala Lottery is a program run by the Government of Kerala. The Indian state of Kerala is one of the most picturesque and culturally rich places in the country. The state, which is situated on India’s Malabar Coast, has an incredibly diverse landscape, with everything from lush green forests to crystalline beaches. หวยออนไลน์

But this blog is focused on lotteries in Kerala — specifically how they work.

How does the Kerala lottery work?

Kerala State Lotteries, which have been running since 1967, is not operated by the central government but by the Government of Kerala itself.

The state lottery department was established in 1967 and started the Kerala State Lotteries based on the model prevalent in most of the other southern Indian states.

In 1967 all private lotteries were banned and the government decided to set up its own lottery organization. The idea behind setting up the new department was from Finance Minister P K Kunju Sahib who said, “They want to provide employment to people”.

The objectives of starting the program were to provide employment and generate revenue for the state.

Lottery tickets, which are available at outlets across Kerala and can be purchased via the internet or via telephone, are sold at a government-fixed rate.

The Kerala Lottery is the monopoly of the Government of Kerala. In 2010, the State Government made it mandatory for all agents to have a GPS-based vehicle tracking system installed in their vehicles to prevent fraud and track the movement of agents with lottery tickets in hand.

Kerala Lotteries types:

Kerala Lottery Department conducts lotteries in seven different locations at 3:00 PM  every day. The lottery is drawn at the Kerala Lottery Office Building, commonly referred to as Gorky Bhavan or Government Bhavan. You can visit this building any and every day during the draw time with exception of Sundays during which no drawing is held.


No Lottery MRP (INR) MRP Per book’ First Prize (INR) Day of Draw
1 Win-Win 40/- 750/- 75,00,000/- Monday
2 Sthree Sakthi 40/- 750/- 75,00,000/- Tuesday
3 Akshaya 40/- 750/- 70,00,000/- Wednesday
4 Karunya Plus 40/- 750/- 80,00,000/- Thursday
5 Nirmal 40/- 750/- 70,00,000/- Friday
6 Karunya 40/- 1250/- 80,00,000/- Saturday
7 Fifty-Fifty 50/- 1250/- 1,00,00,000/- Sunday


Kerala Lottery is run by the Kerala State Government and is one of the most popular lotteries in India. In addition to the weekly lotteries listed above, Kerala State runs several seasonal ‘bumper’ lotteries: Xmas, Summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam, and Pooja.

Kerala lottery

Kerala state bumper lotteries are offered on a monthly basis and their prizes differ based on which month it is.



Draw Month First Prize


Christmas New Year Bumper


12 Crore

Summer Bumper


6 Crore

Vishu Bumper


6 Crore

Monsoon Bumper


6 Crore

Thiruvonam Bumper


12 Crore

Pooja Bumper November

6 Crore


Some the noteworthy points about Kerala Lotteries:

  • An outsider cannot buy the Kerala lottery. Official policy says only state residents can participate in the game, although it is unclear how this policy is actually enforced.
  • As per state lottery policy, tickets are sold only within Kerala. Only state residents are eligible to win, said state lottery director Biju Prabhakar when asked about the issue. However, this does not mean that rules have been violated by those who buy tickets from outside the state.
  •  You will need to buy a photocopy of both sides of your ticket and a claim application. The photocopies, or the copies of the tickets, of both sides, must be made in proper format and signed by the owner(s) at their registration office. You will most likely have to go downtown to get them done (a passport-size photograph is also necessary).
  • Once you have all of your materials ready, you will want to go to the cashier’s counter and ask for a “kite”, which is an official receipt issued by the lottery authorities. They will then affix a revenue stamp worth Rs. 1/- to the prize money, and give you your ticket.
Tax on Lottery
  • To begin with, the Kerala lottery is taxed at 10%. This means that for every $10,000 of prize money, there will be a tax deduction of $100. For example: If someone wins a lottery prize worth Rs. 10 million (10 lakh), then 10% (Rs. 100) shall be deducted from the winning amount and credited to the central government account for all prizes over Rs. 1 lakh. The tax revenue normally collected from prizes is about Rs. 100 crore for the year 2010-2011, but for the Kerala lottery, it is about Rs. 125 crore. If a person wins a prize worth 10 lakhs as per lottery (within the minimum claim of Rs 1 lakh), then he/she will have to pay income tax at 30% on it, taking an amount of about Rs. 3 lakhs.
Lottery Result
  • The Kerala state lotteries draw result for the weekly lottery is published on their official website at 3:00 pm on the draw date. The prize winners should verify the winning numbers with those that are published in their Government Gazette and claim the prizes within 30 days of the draw date. If they fail to do so, they will lose their right to claim prizes and there is no redraw or any other option to claim a part of it.
  • Kerala lottery result which is published on the official website of the Kerala Lottery department will also be published in the Kerala Government Gazette. The prize winners can claim their prizes by visiting the concerned Panchayat Correspondent office assigned to them and producing a copy of their ticket, with the serial number, name of the winner, ticket number, and amount won along with identity proof (such as voter’s card or driving license, etc.) as required.

Kerala Lottery prize list:

The website Kerala Lotteries results. in is the website maintained by the Kerala State Lotteries Department, which posts the state lottery results. 


1st Prize

Rs. 75,00,000

Consolation Prize

Rs. 8,000
2nd Prize

Rs. 500,000

3rd Prize

Rs. 100,000
4th Prize

Rs. 5,000

5th Prize

Rs. 2,000
6th Prize

Rs. 1,000

7th Prize

Rs. 500
8th Prize

Rs. 100


According to the Kerala State Lottery website, KN 416 Kerala Summer Karunaya Result will be released on 3:00 PM at draw date. Also included in this publication is the Kerala Government Gazette, which contains the Kerala lottery results.

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