Play with best carrom money earning app to earn big while enjoying leisure

Carrom is a fun game and everyone enjoys playing it. It is one of the most popular games in India that is played as a pastime. However, with online carrom, one can also earn cash for winning the game. With the carrom money earning app, you can stand a chance to win money for real while doing nothing but playing.

There are many platforms using which you can play the game online. These platforms offer the great convenience of playing without having to invite your friends over. Even if you have no one in your circle of friends or family, you can find someone on the platform who is always ready to play. Here are things why you should consider playing the game of carrom online:

GetMega is one of the best platforms for playing games online and earning real money.

  • A game is fun and peoples’ favourite timepass. Moreover, if someone gets the chance to play and win cash, it becomes all the more entertaining. Similar is the case for carrom online. You can now not only play to freshen up your mood and your mind but also to fill your pocket with real cash!
  • The carrom game requires you to collect or have the bard, the striker and the coins. You will also require a place where you can sit and play. Many people love to play carrom at a table. However, these restrictions or necessities are not there in online carrom. Online carrom can be played using your smartphone. All you will need is a suitable carrom money earning app to create your gaming profile.
  • With the online carrom, you will not face any kinds of restrictions like a place or a partner. You can play anywhere, anytime or with anyone. In the carrom money earning app, you can find many players who are ready for a tournament. Just connect with them via the game and enjoy your ‘me-time!’
  • If you do not know how to play carrom using the board at home, you can play it profoundly using the app. There are instructions given on how you can start the game, strike and pocket! Everything is streamlined for your convenience of playing online. All you will need is to aim at the coin using the striker and hit.
  • Playing online is more convenient than playing it at home using the carrom board. Sometimes, you will feel the pain of sitting or standing constantly. But to play online, sit, stand, travel or lay down, your position does not really matter.

Best Carrom Money Earning App

Now that you know you can play carrom online and win real money, let’s make your experience even easier. Although there are many online gaming platforms, GetMega is becoming the most popular app for millions of users. It has several games and you can also choose to win cash here.

Why Choose GetMega?

Play Store Ratings and Downloads: GetMega is one of the widely used gaming platforms in India, with more than 50,00,000 until now. The rating of the app is 4.7 on the Play Store, which is more than many other gaming apps as well as the carrom money earning app.

It is one of the most trending apps that let you play carrom alongside other indoor games like pool, card games and trivia. Speaking of the carrom alone, there are two levels of playing- Beginners and the Advanced. If you are not yet ready to take up the challenge to win cash, you can go for the beginners level which offers the easiest ways of playing. There are instructions and guides to help you find important shots, tricks, etc. The website also offers you tips and tricks, a basic rule guide, rules of winning cash and dues, etc.

GetMega verifies the profiles of the users to ensure you are playing with real gamers and no bots.

Games Offered

The app offers three types of games: Card games, Casual games and Trivia. Among the card games, there are Poker and Rummy. The Casual games consist of Carro. GoPool, Warship, ABC Rummy, Dots & Dash and Fruit Kaat. The Trivial games are GK, 123 and Pic Me. These are all the games that are offered on this platform.


This gaming platform is 100% safe since it has been certified by RNG (Random Number Generation). It ensures that the decks and the card used on this platform are unpredictable, so there is no fraud in all the games offered. There are random results, fair card shuffles and encrypted card decks to ensure the safety of playing.

Other Plus-sides

There are multiple reasons why you should consider GetMega to play carrom and win cash. These can be stated below:

Easy Gaming and Simple UI

The platform offers the simplest User Interface, which is user-friendly. The games on this platform have both vertical and horizontal navigation experiences for different games to ease the playing experience of the users. Anyone can set their hand to play without any effort.

Leadership Board

GetMega comes with a leadership board that works on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis. The leadership boards work for both card and casual games and present the task and winning reports. It not only reads the number of wins but also the number of games played.

Audio-video Feature

It is one of the unique features that is found only in GetMega in India. The platform allows video chat features where you can view HD quality video. The HD sound will also help you communicate clearly with your friends. All the games on this platform can be played along with the video-chat feature, which makes GetMega one of the best gaming apps.

Real Gamers

GetMega ensures the safety of all the users and thus, it verifies the profiles of each player using their mobile number and Facebook profile. Be ensured that it’s not only your friends or a known person, all the users are real and have no bots.

With GetMega, there are high chances that your search for the best carrom money earning app finally comes to an end. Download the app and verify your profile to enjoy not only carrom alone but seven other games. Enjoy both gaming and earning at the same time on GetMega.

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