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Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players

by priyanka singh

Free fire is the second most played mobile action game after PUBG Mobile. The gameplay of Free Fire was increased after PUBG ban in India. The Relaunch of PUBG Mobile as BGMI is not making any big impact in the gaming industry.

For this week’s list, we’ve gathered the best-performing Free Fire players to find out what makes them stand out.

From the UK’s top player to being the top-performing Free Fire pro in India, read on to find out which five players are really making bank in the game.

Top 5 Richest FREE FIRE Players


1. Carlos “Fixa” Cesar Mendes

First off the rank is Carlos Cesar “Fixa” Mendes, the UK’s top player. With over 30 million kills under his belt, this pro Free Fire player has over 1.2 million fans who love to watch him play and learn from his expert strategies.

2. Douglas ‘Pires’ Marques

Coming in at Second is Douglas Marques. This pro Free Fire player has more than 28 million kills under his belt, with over 320K fans watching him play. His channel has over 17 million views and he is also part of the Free Fire podcasters “Overkill” – one of the most popular podcasts around.

3. Samuel ‘Level up 007’ Lima

Third on our list is Samuel Lima. A Brazilian player, Level Up 007 has more than 26 million kills and 220K fans watching him play the game. His channel is one of the most popular out there because he posts almost everyday and actively interacts with his fans.

4. Bruno ‘Nobru’ Nobre

Next is Bruno “Nobru” Nobre. A Brazilian player having more than 25 million kills under his belt. He has over 200K fans who watch his livestreams and plays YouTube videos to educate his viewers. His channel has almost 16 million views, which speaks for itself.

5. Genildo ‘Japa’ André

Lastly is Genildo “Japa” Andre. This Free Fire pro player has more than 24 million kills under his belt, with over 184K fans watching him play.
His channel has over 13 million views and he plays some of the top Free Fire players, showing the power of his strategies.

No 1 pro player in Free Fire in India

TSG Jash is best Free Fire player in India and he is also pro player of At the gates. TSG Jash streams sometimes but mostly plays at night. He is most popular among Indian audiences.

Diamond King in Free Fire

Lokesh Gamer is known as the Diamond King in Free Fire. The youngster from Hydrabad India is a YouTuber by profession.. He was the first player to credit 10 million Diamonds to his gaming account, has added more than 10 billion diamonds to his account. He has achieved many milestones under his name in the game.

If you’re an avid player of the mobile game Free Fire, then you’ll know that it’s all about the number of kills. With the game’s competitive, first-person shooter gameplay and multiplayer component, being able to gun your opponents down requires some skill. These guys are best in the business. You can follow their YouTube channels to watch them in live action.

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