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Top 8 GameCube ROMS to Play This Year

by Sneha Shukla

Top 8 GameCube ROMS to Play This Year

Nintendo is famous for 3D games, and this is where we are going to cover most of the things, as GAMECUBE ROMS games are one of the most memorable childhood memories for anyone. Everyone knows how much fun these games are when we play the handheld with our friends. All of this is possible thanks to the GAMECUBE ROMS emulators. 

Here we will see the best GAMECUBE ROMS emulator games to play and that you must have in your game folders. 

  • Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) 

Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) is the first game in the Ace Attorney franchise after Phoenix Wright’s first trilogy of justice games that does not require any formula changes. And when this formula is satisfactory, it isn’t easy to object at first. 

  • Mario & Luigi (Partners in Time) 

Since everyone has their individual preferences, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time may not be the strongest in the Mario & Luigi range. This shows you the size of the entire game series. Also, the story can float just below the level of other series. It’s still creative, engaging, and fun, and it’s fun to master the four-button battle setup, too. 

  • Meteos 

Meteos is one of the first puzzles in the life of GAMECUBE ROMS emulators and was rated proudly in the company of top franchises. The discovery that swiping the stylus quickly across multiple screens often gave better results that were deliberately confusing. 

Still, those who escaped this temptation found a brilliantly addictive game, one that occupied the space of our shopping cart for many months. 

This game proves to be the game that many gamers are addicted to as it is easy to play with manageable upgrade levels. 

  • Hotel Dusk (Room 215) 

The game’s scratchy pencil line aesthetic looks excellent on the console and perfectly matches the system’s visual tone and shape. 

Hotel Dusk (Room 215) shows developers and gamers the system’s potential, which goes beyond the traditional approach that gamers might hope for and has made the console less intimidating to a new audience who would later discover other games through touch controls. 

  • Phoenix Wright (Justice for All (DS) 

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All (DS) is the second in the Ace Attorney game series that originally appeared on the Game Boy Advance in Japan. The story of the previous series and carries it continued in his script. It also gives the player the ability to break through mental barriers by finding clues to the secret it contains while questioning witnesses. 

  • Advance Wars (Days of Ruin) 

This is one of the best games available on any GAMECUBE ROMS emulator. It also has a gloomy tone, and frankly, the technique makes the game’s message even easier to understand and digest. It’s a challenging game, but the satisfaction and joy you get when you win a fight after playing for hours are priceless.

  • Contra 4 

Contra 4 is not for everyone, especially those who give up faster, because the difficulty level is heart-breaking, even with the ‘Easy’ setting. But with a series of games like this, one must accept that this difficulty is probably deliberate; well, a contra title that does not represent a significant challenge does not deserve that name. 

Stick with it, and you’re pretty much sure to receive great rewards and loads of old-school entertainment that everyone will enjoy. It’s an impeccably processed blast shade at the highest level. 

  • Grand Theft Auto 

Everyone knows and has played this game, popularly known as GTA. Although this game took the old graphics approach, it brought out almost every aspect of home console games and compressed them in a way that made sense on handheld GAMECUBE ROMS emulator consoles. 

Grand Theft Auto has proven to be the most exciting and entertaining game of all time. 


Final Thoughts  

Getting the best experience with GAMECUBE ROMS emulators is of utmost importance in this game. All you have to do is get a GAMECUBE ROMS emulator and enjoy the wonderful experience it provides.

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