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10Cric App – Download for android APK and iOS for Free

by Sonal Shukla

10cric Mobile App

Cricket is like second nature to most Indian punters. With a name like 10cric, a dedication to cricket wagering seems the most obvious course. Now the 10cric app download comes to your favourite phone. Packed with incredible features, we now get the most exciting cricket bookie at the comfort of your palm.

Now that is what we call convenient. Looking through it, we get a different feel from the online portal. Everything is conveniently positioned and optimized for one-handed use. Find out as we review the 10cric phone app.

Android installation procedure for 10cric


Android draws some mixed responses but with all that, it is still leading the popularity charts. An Android portal was therefore a must-have. Getting the application to your phone isn’t as straightforward as you might be used to. One thing becomes apparent when you search it. Nowhere can you find it in the store. This one requires a roundabout process. You need the installer first. This is located in the Downloads section. Saving it to your device is only the beginning. Installation would require you to open it. It is normal for a security message to show up. This only shows your phone is properly protected. A change of permissions is needed for the installation. The rest is just routine. This version is very ergonomic for cellular devices. You should take it out for a test ride when it completes.

iOS installation procedure for 10cric

Unlike its Android counterpart, getting this on Apple devices is much more convenient. We now have a 10cric application on the official app store. To get it to your phone, simply launch the app store. To locate it, key in the words 10cric in the search bar. Once you find the one you want, clicking the install button avails it to your iPhone or iPad. A bit more convenient as compared to the previous instance. While differing in approaches to installation, the similarity couldn’t be any more striking.

10cric Mobile App for Cricket


Cricket is probably considered a way of life in India. Since its introduction, its popularity skyrocketed and remained top to this day. To say punters overlook their favourite sports events would be unthinkable. With its popularity to boot, this booker is the owner of a cricket wagering platform. Looking at it, we get the feeling they put a lot into it. Nowadays, it’s become the norm for a separate market to have its standalone app. Now that is a plus if I do say so myself. It is strictly a cricket affair and the experience is out of this world. The odds, markets, interface, support, you get nothing but the best in this one. A cricket punter’s dreams.

10cric Mobile Casino App

A casino is the earliest form of gambling. The marriage of technology and tradition has created one of the best inventions out there, the online casino. The 10cric casino has everything to look for in a casino and much more. It sometimes becomes confusing, with so many games out there, but the casino wouldn’t be complete without many of the classics. Baccarat, roulette, slots to name a few plus local favourites teen Patti, Andar Bahar and so many more games are available at the touch of a button. The fun doesn’t end there. Some great odds make your winnings that much larger. A VIP section for the high rollers and promotions and bonuses, there is something for everyone.

Mobile Sports Betting

Sports wagering is a many-headed hydra. With several facets and events, nothing is more relatable to a punter than sports betting. With this in mind, the 10cric sports markets look nothing like the competitions’. Looking to stand out, most major leagues notwithstanding several unknown ones are included. We get unbeatable odds to make our play that much more exciting. Wagers are settled almost instantaneously and an in-play feature is the icing on the whole cake.

10cric Mobile Sports Version Site


Regardless of every design plan, an app couldn’t possibly run on every type of device. This is almost always the case unless it’s some legacy application. A mobile solution is a great alternative for such a case. Small devices are not always capable of accurately displaying a website optimized for use on computers. Despite the device not lacking the resources to handle the site, the issue comes down to responsive scaling. A mobile solution does this by having a mobile-optimized website for phones. This is perfect on the go or should the application not run as designed. Every feature and tool works as it would on the main platform.

Mobile Website Feature

With all these terms being thrown around, any punter is sure to have some concerns. One of these major concerns is what exactly the differences between the services are and why the many names if they were all developed by 10cric. Looking into this, some features of the mobile version found include:

  • Payment methods: an extension of the main portal, it comes with all transaction channels integrated into the application. 10cric makes moving money relatively simple.
  • Live chat: Customer service is a crucial selling point for any interactive product and a bookie is no exception. It comes included with a live chat feature that facilitates ease of resolution of conflicts and problems on the portal.
  • In-play betting: Nothing beats wagers on games that have already kicked off. You get to wager on how the match is going and this makes it that much easier to increase returns.
  • Bonuses: It comes as no surprise that bonuses are the way of life on 10cric. Exploit all offers and promotions from the mobile version with ease from your phone.

Mobile Bonuses

The one thing that comes to mind when a punter is looking at great bonus schemes is free money. While this is almost always not the case, it is true in some regard. Punters search for bonuses to increase their returns. 10cric has a couple up its sleeve for its new and long-time customers. Get a boost on your first deposit with a registration promotion. Free spins, extra turns and cashbacks are the norms for this bookie, giving you no excuse to stop playing. Now with all this, getting a return on your investment couldn’t be any easier.

System Requirements and Compatibility

In some cases, you might what you consider a fairly capable device but in terms of sheer power, it lacks what it takes to run some applications. Attempting to run something beyond any computing device’s capabilities leads to some disastrous effects. Rarely does the application work as described.


Baring this in mind, there has to be some minimum feature needed to run something like this. Our investigation revealed the application needs at least:

  • A single or multiple-core processor. The base clock speed should be at least 1GHz.
  • 20Mb operational RAM space
  • 100Mb storage on your phone’s secondary memory
  • A minimum operating system of iOS 8.1 for Apple devices and Android 5.1 for Android devices.

Keeping this in mind, trying to use the apps knowing your device isn’t capable is futile. However, the 10cric mobile version is perfect for such situations and works well on any browser.

Mobile Payment Options

After all that painstaking effort to create and win a slip, the least of your worries should be how to get your winnings. Imagine being forced to wait on your cash, unacceptable. 10cric considered this a very important factor to many a punter. Nowadays, it has become the norm to have a myriad of transaction channels properly supported by a bookie. Nothing leaves a more lasting impression as compared to difficulties transacting. Remedies to such troubles have been predicted and planned for. A punter can access winnings and deposits through:

  • Skrill, Payoneer and web payment portals
  • Local banking agent
  • MasterCard and Visa
  • Crypto cash and wallets


Looking at the impact of cricket in India, a bookie naming themselves after the sport isn’t at all surprising. Their nomenclature would assume a focus on the sport and in this, they do not disappoint. As far as their services go, the bookie is not lacking in any regard. All their customers are equal and there is an equal amount of focus on every type of punter. Plenty of their features are visible in many other bookies but their cricket presence is unreal. Overall, this is a great bookie with no apparent flaws. Their promotions of the local IPL are unrivalled and this among their numerous offerings will make them a force to be reckoned with on the market. A great recommendation for both new punters and veterans. Great support and fast transactions are just the tips of the iceberg.


Is it possible to collect winnings from a running bet?

Yes, a running slip can be optionally closed. You get a percentage of the total win amount depending on its progress.

Can we play all the games we do from the website on the applications?

Provided it exists on one platform, it is available to all. There is no game exclusive to a platform.

How to contact customer care from the mobile application?

Several methods are integrated for your convenience. However, their live chat ranks highly for ease and speed of resolutions.

Is there a dedicated 10cric application on Android and iOS?

Both platforms get all the love they can get. To have one and not the other would be unlikely.

How do you get the 10cric application to your android phone?

You can accomplish this by simply saving the installation package to your local storage and running a local installation. The file is available for download from their online portal.

Why is it advisable to use the applications rather than the websites?

The applications provide an additional layer of security by guaranteeing no third party application acts as an intermediary between you and them.

How do I install it on my iPhone?

You can readily get the 10cric app from the Apple app store free of charge. Simply search, install, launch and play.

What features come in the mobile version?

All features and tools are largely similar. Get equal amounts of ascendancy using either.

Do you get any precedence using the applications over the site?

You will not get an edge using one over the other. Each is equal in its own right differing only in the technology used to implement.

How many sporting events can you wager on using the mobile portal?

You are spoilt for choice getting at least 30 sports events. Wager with as little as 5INR.

How many methods are integrated for transactions on the mobile portal?

None of the transaction channels from the online portal is missing in the mobile portal. Use whichever suits your convenience.

Which version of the 10cric app is best?

The best would be the most recent update. The latest version comes with groundbreaking technology to make it as easy as possible to win big.

How do you quickly register as a new user?

To register a new account, simply fill in your details to play on the largest cricket betting platform there is.

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