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4 Ultra-Modern Best Inverters in India That are Trending Right Now

by Sonal Shukla

Inverter designs don’t have to be boring anymore. Like everything else, with changing times even inverters designs have evolved to become more aesthetic and modern in their appeal. So much so, that unlike earlier when they were kept in some corner of the house to avoid people seeing them, these days they are the center of attention. 

In case you still had a preconceived notion about inverter designs, wait till you see the lineup of the best inverters in India. It will completely change the way you viewed inverters in general when it comes to its design elements. 

So, let us introduce you to 3 inverters that definitely deserve a place on the list of best inverters in India

Regalia Series

The Regalia series of inverter lineups is India’s first sinewave inverter series with integrated Li-ion batteries with looks that will have you awestruck. The inverter comes with 3x longer service life, and 3x faster charging compared to ordinary lead acid batteries. The inverter supports WIFI, and require zero maintenance with no hanging wires making them a safe option for households with children and the elderly. It comes with a 24-month and 60 -month warranty for the inverter and battery respectively and is available between 1500 VA to 6400 VA capacity making them exceptional for homes with high power requirements. 

Icon Series

The Icon Series of inverters comes with 900VA/756W capacity and comes with ultra-modern looks that make these series one of the best in the market. It’s a pure sinewave inverter series that comes with an integrated battery design that ensures there are no hanging wires. The inverter is designed to make water top ups easy and hassle free. The inverter is capable of supporting fast low-voltage charging starting at just 90V. If you are looking for an inverter series that you can show off when guests come, this is the inverter series you should go for. 


Dubbed as India’s most intelligent UPS, the Zelio is an affordable series for homes looking for an inverter that’s easy on the pocket. The inverter features a simple design, with a sleek display that displays all relevant information such as power backup time. It comes with MCB protection and requires almost next to no maintenance. Moreover, you also get a bypass switch that draws power from the grid for continued power supply in case there is a ups fault. 

Zelio Connected

It’s a connected version of the Zelio series with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Zelio Wi-Fi series allows you to monitor your inverter’s vital statistics using a dedicated app. It’s a cost-efficient inverter series that’s perfect for homes looking for a compact yet powerful, and modern looking inverter for their homes. 

If you are looking for the best inverter in India with ultra-modern looks, then look no further than these four inverters. In case you want to explore more of such products, then you can check out more of Luminous’ inverter series that are designed keeping the modern consumer in mind. All of their products are designed using the highest-quality components, with superior service lives and low-cost maintenance that gives them exceptional value for money. Moreover, prompt customer support and after sales support ensure that you get all the assistance you need in a timely manner to fix any underlying issues without any hassle.

Getting an inverter is no longer just about power, or capacity; design is playing an increasingly pivotal role for the modern age customer and people no longer want to settle for the same old boring designs but are rather choosing designs that they can show off. So, now that you are aware of the best inverter in India as far as looks are concerned, it’s time to go ahead and bring home a piece of beauty with exceptional power delivery and service life! 


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