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5 Must-Do Road Trips From Guwahati

by Sonal Shukla

Popularly known as the ‘Gateway of North East’, Guwahati is an oasis of green. This natural treasure of North East is situated on the bank of the mighty river Brahmaputra amidst Himalayan Mountain ranges. From lush green mountains and beautiful virgin lands to teeming wildlife and exquisite tea gardens, this green oasis is truly a blissful place to be on your toes, even on the weekend.

Guwahati has plenty to offer to its visitors. Add a huge dimension and variety to your experience by indulging in trips that are just a small car ride away. You can book a car rental in Guwahati and venture outside the city to explore its various points of interest.

5 Most mesmerising road trips from Guwahati you can embark on

Places like Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Kaziranga National Park, and many others have scenic vistas to offer. Read on to discover the 5 must-do road trips from Guwahati.

1. Shillong – Scotland of the East

Located just 99 km away from Guwahati, Shillong is undeniably a slice of heaven presented to you. This picturesque hill station is encircled by lush pine trees and manicured gardens, offering a perfect setup for rendezvous with nature. Book Guwahati to Shillong cabs and get ready to witness ‘Scotland of the East.’

2. Bask in the glory of nature at Cherrapunjee

Famous for being the second wettest place in the world, Cherrapunjee is a great place for trekking and enjoying the ethereal beauty of nature. It is situated 150 km from Guwahati, and brimming with scenic vistas, cascading waterfalls, and green rolling hills. Also dubbed as the Land of Oranges, it is swarmed with tourists, especially over the weekend.

3. Kaziranga national park – rendezvous with nature and wildlife

Home to the largest population of the one-horned rhino on earth, Kaziranga National Park is one of India’s national treasures in terms of flora and fauna. Approximately five hours drive from Guwahati, Kaziranga National Park is the epitome of successful wildlife conservation in India. It was also awarded the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

4. Majuli- world’s largest river island

Breathtakingly beautiful, this island is located on the river Brahmaputra. The place has immense beauty and offers an offbeat weekend getaway. This treasure trove of Assam is blessed with scenic beauty and quaint monasteries like the Dakhinpath Satra, Auniati Satra, and Garamur. Jorhat is the nearest town to this island. Reach Jorhat from Guwahati first, and then you can take a ferry to reach Majuli Island.

5. Darjeeling – A serene and tranquil hamlet

If you are on the lookout for the best sunrise and sunset point, Darjeeling has plenty of them! With spectacular sunrises and serene hills, Darjeeling is a perfect hamlet for honeymooners. The city is perched on a steep mountain ridge and is adorned with lush green tea plantations. Kanchenjunga mountain, Tiger Hill, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, and Japanese Peace Pagoda are some of the places worth visiting when in this heavenly abode.

Witness nature in its full glory

Sparkling waterfalls, undulating-picturesque hills, and cool weather, Guwahati will fill the void of your heart with happiness. A road trip from Guwahati to its neighbouring weekend getaways allows you to witness nature in its full glory. But considering the heavy rains the area receives, it is not favourable to plan road trips during extreme monsoons. September-November is the best time to visit these places as the rain is scant and the places are still very enjoyable.

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