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5 Tips to Use Lip Liner for Naturally Pouty Lips

by Sonal Shukla

Pouty lips are not just appealing, but they also accentuate your facial features and give you an uplifted look, giving you a captivating appearance. However, not everyone is naturally endowed with fuller lips. If you fall into this category, lip liners can assist you to give the appearance of having a full pout. For beauty fans and artists, this once-underappreciated product has become indispensable. So, fans of beauty, take note! Here is some tried-and-true advice that you are certain to adore. We have rounded up a few ways to plump up your lips naturally. All you have to do is grab the best lip liner online and adhere to our steps to get gorgeous lips with astonishing volume.

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Pick the correct shade of liner

Obviously, you want fuller lips without having them look fake. To achieve that, pick a nude liner that is close to your undertone. We recommend this because using a dark shade liner will result in looking unnatural and give you a clown-like pout. Don’t worry, if you don’t understand which color will suit better on your skin tone, we have a solution for that too. For instance, if you have a pink undertone then choose a liner that has a pinkish hue. Similarly, if you have fair lips then go for a nude with a hint of beige. For ones with a dark undertone can opt for a brown shade lip pencil. Use SÈRY Edge It All Lip Liner that comes in 6 magnificent shades that is suitable for every skin tone. Now that we have sorted this problem, let’s walk down to unfold further steps.

Say no to a sharp tip

Not every makeup look requires a sharp tip because lip liners have their own trick. Not that you don’t need a sharpened tip, but you just need to ensure that it is slightly blunt. It helps in keeping the lips natural and fuller. A sharp tip will glide on your lips leaving a false pout impression. For easy blending and natural-looking pout, understand the underrated trick and keep your lip liner’s tip slightly thick.

Fill your lips with lip liner

Who said that a lip liner was just meant to be used around the borders of your lips? One of the greatest overlining tricks ever is to fill in your lips with lip liner. For people who have a hard time achieving a long-lasting colored lip, you might be shocked to learn that your lip liner serves as a base for your lipstick. It helps the product to stay longer and keeps your lips from seeming bare, once it starts to smudge. Also, sometimes maybe you would want to keep your lips a little less bold and dramatic, during such days you can simply overline with the best lip pencil and fill them with lip liner without applying lipstick.

Go easy with the overlining strokes

It takes a good amount of practice, patience and precision to master the keys of overlining lips. Not that it is difficult and challenging, but it is a little tricky. Once you start overlining, keep your hands steady and avoid making any mistakes during the application. Start with a light hand from the cupid bow instead of outlining everything at once. Then with a light feathery stroke glide the liner following the shape of your lip liner. If you’re not an expert, you are taking the chance of spoiling your pout by rushing into it. That’s why with a help of a slightly blunt lip pencil move gently and accomplish the pout you have been intending for.  

Blend! Blend! Blend!

I think you know this pretty well, your makeup requires a little bit of blending for the pigments to give their color payoff. With the help of your finger or a lip brush towards the inside of the lips and blend it by simply patting so that the product melts into the lips. For such rich and smooth blending always ensure to pick the product with the correct formulation.

Now you are ready to rock the natural looking fuller pouty lips like a pro.

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