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Applying For Jobs Online 101

by Sonal Shukla

It is no secret that the economy of the United States has bounced back from the disastrous costs of the coronavirus shutdowns. In this scenario, many people are finding themselves involved in the recruitment process. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the companies whose offices were previously shut down during the lockdowns are now reopening their offices again and looking to fill in all the roles they had eliminated as a cost-cutting technique. On the flip side of the coin, the employees who were laid off are also looking for opportunities to get back into the job market now that they know companies are looking to hire. All of this has resulted in a scenario where many are finding themselves filling out applications for various jobs. In the case that you are one of these people, consider that it is time for you to raise your arms, move your hips, and rejoice! We say this with so much surety as we know that we will be sharing with you useful tips to implement to increase the likelihood of success of landing your dream job.

Get Quality Internet

It comes as no rocket science to any of us that the days of offline job applications are over. Nowadays, no one advertises a job application in a local newspaper and asks for an application mailed through them through the courier. Instead, all hiring managers, or human resources departments for that matter, post jobs online on platforms such as professional networking sites like Linkedin and job portals like Indeed. And once they do, they expect a response from you on those very online platforms as well. Afterward, even the interviews happen online these days. This is because companies have realized that they do not need to call interviewees in person as their companies’ recruiting did well enough during the pandemic times when all interviews were virtual. For all the aforementioned reasons, you should get top-tier internet as soon as possible if you are looking for jobs and do not have this good connection yet. Looking at Xfinity internet deals would be our recommendation as we believe the brand always ensures speediness and consistency in connections.

Update Your Resume

Ask any career counselor and they will tell you the same thing: you must have an updated resume at hand which you can send within minutes when asked for one. Here is the logic behind having it on you: hiring managers are often busy and want to get done with a task before they move on to the next one. When you bump into them and they ask you for a resume and you take days to send it to them, they will probably have forgotten about you or will be too busy to forward it over. You have to be very lucky to find them at a time when they are willing to help. Notice that when you bumped into them and they requested your CV, they were actually feeling that way and that is why you should send your resume to them right away at that time as well. The reason it needs to be updated is that you do not look attractive to employers if it seems like you have been unemployed for too long. Alongside, years of experience matter when gauging your competence, worth, and the salary you should be getting so show as much experience as you can by updating your resume to date!

Alongside, make sure your CV on job portals and professional networking sites is updated as well. The reason we say this is because many recruiters are looking at people’s profiles on these kinds of sites to scout for talent. In the case that you have a good-looking profile, you may very well land a quality job without even applying!

Personalize Your Application

This can be done in a variety of ways. But the way we think is most impressive is by taking the opportunity to send the employer a cover letter. Carefully read the job description and understand what is required from the role you are applying for. Once that is done, explain in your cover letter how your personal characteristics and experience make you a candidate that is highly likely to succeed in the role. Another way to personalize the application to a specific job description is by inserting keywords in your resume that were mentioned in the description.


Our final message is that you only fail when you give up so keep applying!


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