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Battery for Inverter: What Should You Know?

by Sonal Shukla

Battery for Inverter: What Should You Know?

Do you feel that you are not in a position to deal with the frequent power cuts in your area because of weather or other issues? Come on, you cannot simply keep on waiting for the power to come and start your work. It is time that you ease up your life and bring home an inverter. And once you have an inverter in your house, you need to be thoughtful about its batteries too.

The foremost thing you must understand before you look for a battery for inverter is your power needs. Remember, there are two crucial aspects that determine your power backup needs. On the basis of these aspects, you should decide what capacity of the inverter battery is apt for you.

  • Duration of constant power backup for example, on average, how long there is no power or electricity at your home or office? Is it fifteen minutes, an hour, three hours, or what?
  • Then think about the load that you wish to run at the time of any power cut that could be just two fans and two lights OR five fans, five lights, a television, and even a refrigerator.

Remember as per these things, you can make up your mind regarding the ampere-hour (Ah) rating of the inverter battery for your need or purchase.  You need to keep in mind that the inverter battery’s capacity differs from the above 2 factors, the load and the duration of overall power backup. The more is the load, and the more is the period of power backup, the higher is going to be the capacity of the battery.   Also, there are some other aspects too that you should consider before you select the capacity of the inverter battery so, make sure that you do your homework. Using solar light to light up a dark space is a great way to save money on electricity. In the future, there will be more solar powered motion lights that can be attached to your lamp posts and used as lighting or decoration.

Type of Batteries to know about 

Flat plate battery

These are the inverter batteries that are lead-acid batteries. These are recommended for areas or zones with low duration but recurrent power cuts.  These batteries are mostly good for areas with minimal and recurrent power cuts. These batteries are inexpensive, light on the pocket but have a petite life span than that of tubular inverter batteries. These are one of the finest inverter batteries with a quicker rate of charging and require lesser time to charge. It mostly comes with a short warranty time if you compare it to tubular batteries.

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Tubular Battery

Talking about a tubular battery, it is a lead-acid battery that is usually large in size when you compare it to a flat plate battery. These are suitable for those places which have long and lesser power cuts. You can figure out if it is an apt choice for your area or not.

Moreover, tubular batteries are good and perfectly fitted for long power backup requirements and own long service life. These batteries would ask for minimum effort to maintain and require lesser water top-ups. These are more reliable and generally come with a longer warranty period  


So, since you have an idea about the inverter batteries, make sure that you make the right choice for your space. After all, in the present time, since everything is on electricity and the internet; you cannot give up on inverter batteries.

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