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Best Tools To Split PDF

by Sonal Shukla


Best Tools To Split PDF

Big PDF files can assure you that everything you need is compiled accordingly. It is mostly used by students, office workers, and many others. However, using PDF files like this can be hard to work with. Aside from the fact that the user has to deal with hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of pages, getting the necessary pages is a challenge.

This is where splitting the pdf tool can be very useful. It allows a person to remove unnecessary pages to make the PDF file easier to use. This task may look hard to do, but with the help of technology, it will only require few clicks to get the desired product. Best of all, the best tools to split pdf are mostly for free.

Here are some of the tools that can split pdf online:

  1. 2PDF.com

If you often require PDF tools, you should try 2PDF.com. It has many tools available to users that range from the basic ones to the advanced ones. It is currently for free and does not require registration to the website. It also promises security by not allowing any third party to access both the uploaded and the file to be downloaded. In using this site to split pdf, just visit the website and click on “Split PDF’. Begin by uploading the file by browsing the device’s file directory or dragging them to the dedicated box. Once a preview appears, put the dotted cutting element on the pages you would like to remove. When done, click the red ‘Split PDF’ button and download the file.

  1. Soda PDF

Soda PDF offers the best of both worlds – it is available in the online and desktop versions. Just choose the file from selecting through the device’s file directory or via the cloud-based storage Google Drive and Dropbox. When the system has done uploading, extract pages from pdf that you would like to include. It can also select the number of pages and arrange them in an order you would like to appear. Once finished, download the new file. Soda PDF offers a free trial version with certain limitations. To access the complete functionality, avail of the paid plan that starts from US$2.99 per month.

  1. EasePDF

EasePDF has a cute and colorful user interface, yet provides more than 30 PDF tools. It can also split pdf online easily. Select the file from the device’s file directory, from cloud-based storage tools (has access to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive), from a URL, or by dragging the file on the dedicated box. There will be an option to “Split every () pages” or “Split page () to ()”, then click on the ‘Split’ button once done. After processing, the file can be downloaded but in a ZIP document. Just click on the ‘Download’ button and save on the device’s storage or through the mentioned cloud-based storage earlier. There is an option to register, but unregistered ones can still use this free and unlimited pdf tools database.


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