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Brilliant choices for wall colours in 2022

by Sonal Shukla

We would all like to stay abreast with the latest trends that are being followed in the different sectors that dominate our lives. Whether it is about fashion choices or regarding the TV series that the majority of the population is watching, we go with the norms. The same is true about the paint color choices that we would like to use for the interiors and exteriors of our homes. The newest and trending ‘IN’ choices are what we would all like to follow.

Often, the first and the most appealing aspect regarding painting the walls of our homes would be the home paint colors involved. Choosing the right paint color that would be reflective of a good mood and would throw around a pleasant vibe is vital for the overall quality of life and well-being. They are also crucial aspects of the décor of the house. The right color against the right furniture will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Here are the trending color choices that have made a huge splash in 2022:

Greens – Gone are the days when only whites would be appealing in the interior space of the house. The green tones are soothing and add a certain pizzazz to the place. Providing an essential upgrade, the use of the different shades of green can be done most pleasingly. Choose to select contrasting furniture for an even better look. A royal blue sofa against a pastel green wall shade – the combination is tempting!

Earthy shades – If you are looking for newer shades, you will have to equip yourself with a painter in Hyderabad who will be able to provide you with the best of services and the most unique shades that will give your house a certain type of exclusivity. Browns usually take center stage when it comes to talking about earthen tones. The rustic vibe this color provides can seem organic and minimalistic. Lighter shades or ones resembling cocoa can have the same effect.

Vibrant tones – Bolder colors have been a popular choice since time immemorial. They are quirky and naturally brighten up the whole room. You can choose colors like – yellow, orange, red, etc. These can be opted for in warmer or brighter shades. Bright hues look great when kept in contrast with other elements of the room. Even among the trends, they have recently become popular and are topping the paint shade charts.

Blues – Unlike the popular meaning of the term ‘blues’ incorporating this shade on the different walls of your home might not make you feel blue at all. These are some of the most striking and attractive colors on the shade chart, and something you would not be able to take your eyes off. The use of this shade can breathe new life into the room and can create a calming and tranquil effect. The different shades of blue are also known to have a soothing effect and can boost the productivity of a person.

Whites – Yes, this is the classic and the classiest shade that people can never go wrong with. They provide a clean and minimal look to the house and you may not need too much styling with this choice. However, you can choose to deviate from the bright shade of white and can drift towards warmer tones. The refreshing and soothing white shades can bring about a sophisticated look overall and can be greatly complemented with wooden furniture. Use antique decorative elements to further up the interiors.

Greys – It is a common misconception that greys can look dull. In fact, these shades are popularly sought-after for people who prefer a modern and contemporary look in their homes. This shade is one of the champion shades that can transform the look of the room. If you are into minimalism and believe in the ‘less is more’ concept, greys would work best. Different shades of grey can be applied to the walls.

Wall paints can also impact your mood and the overall environment. Choose the trending wall colors this season and help your home become the most appealing one in the neighborhood.

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