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DotBig Ltd Review: Short overview of the financial services provider

by Sonal Shukla

If you read about the DotBig company for the first time, there’s nothing to be wandering about. This broker didn’t gain the global recognition as many of its competitors so far but we witness today that it’s now paving the way to the top. This is the reason we decided to represent this dotbig.com review to you.

We see two reasons why people read such reviews. The first one is that they want to learn more about a certain provider. The second one – they want to receive a recommendation. We examined the offerings of this broker and scrolled through DotBig testimonials posted by real clients, and now can represent the result of our research. See the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the DotBig forex broker. Let’s start answering!

Were 20 years enough to acquire a well-established image?

The reputation of the services provider, working in the financial sector, is determining for many clients. They apply the basic logic – if other traders trust the company and the company doesn’t scam them, I can rely on it as well. We consider that this is quite a reasonable thought and such a statement has a grain of truth.

DotBig LTD was founded almost 20 years ago. Was this period enough to acquire an image as a trusted partner? We examined the media and DotBig testimonials published in the past and recently. From the studied information, we dare draw our conclusion — the broker takes care of its image. We didn’t come across warnings by reputable reviewers and found a very small number of negative reviews, concerning the security factor.

Then, we decided to check out whether the DotBig forex broker is properly registered. When studying legal info, we didn’t come across any piece of unclear information. Unfortunately for its clients, DotBig isn’t supervised by FCA or any other top-tier financial regulator. But its registration in St. Vincent and Grenadines is a common thing for a modern market. It’s legit and a good condition to accept even clients from the US. Such jurisdictions are frequently used by other brokers as well because of the less intense pressure on a business.

How do you know other traders are real?

Online trading is a big space where traders participate and make deals with each other. They deal with real money. Everyone feels the need to be sure everything is safe. How can brokers ensure safety? They might require the verification of personal accounts before providing access to markets.

The DotBig forex broker also requires verification of trading accounts. Without it, you won’t be able to do operations and make money through online trading. Many users who write DotBig testimonials say they aren’t satisfied with the verification. They complain not about the safety or the required documents, but about the speed with which the procedure is processed.

How to verify your account to get access to financial markets and assets? The broker will explain it to you in the special instruction. You will be able to receive it after you create a profile on the official website of the company. These are the steps you should take to register on the DotBig website:

  1. Visit dotbig.com.
  2. Click on “Registration”.
  3. Enter your personal and contact information into the required form.
  4. Verify your account.

When your account is verified and you are allowed to do operations on it, activate it. To do this, choose your financial plan and make the minimum required deposit. The lowest amount with which you can activate your trading account is $250.

Can I make real money with DotBig?

To cut long story short, yes, you can. But to make real money and make forex trading a stable source of income, you need something more than just DotBig testimonials from traders who achieved success. Except for reading DotBig testimonials, you need to read how to do investments and how to use different trading tools to benefit from the asset price rate fluctuations. By the way, you can learn how to trade with the help of professional assistance from financial analysts. Or you can contact your manager and try live trading on a demo version of the DotBig trading platform. Choose whatever is convenient.

DotBig offers exposure to different financial markets, including:

  • Forex;
  • Stock market;
  • Cryptocurrency market;
  • Indices;
  • Commodities.

Except for underlying assets from this market, with DotBig, you can profit from CFDs. Make sure you know how to use these instruments because they might be very volatile.

If you feel confident about your trading skills in one of the markets, choose any and start making profits. Besides, you can save money on additional expenditures. Other brokers often impose fees for the exposure to certain financial instruments. With DotBig, you don’t pay them, everything is included in floating spreads of particular products.


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