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Download Rummy App While Travelling: Thrill Your Mind While On Wheels

by Sonal Shukla

Do you remember the good old days of carefree childhood and the train or bus trips that we looked forward to, in anticipation of good times ahead? Whether long or short, they have always been the precursors of exciting vacations and an equally exciting game of cards has always “played” (pun intended) an important part in these journeys.

Isn’t it pure nostalgia to relive the fun of holding a deck of cards and taking turns in balancing the open deck on the pull-up metal table of the bogie, while gently swaying to the rhythmic momentum of the train? Want to experience that same thrill of playing cards while travelling even in the present? Well, there is a super simple solution…just download the Rummy app!

Ever since the internet revolution has taken the world by storm, every profession or field has done its best to adapt and keep up with the changing times. Entertainment, Sports, Education… it is an exhaustive list, and many industries have only benefitted by the boons the internet has granted. The Gaming industry too has risen to the occasion and scores of authentic gaming websites have been offering unlimited enjoyment as well as amusement, with Online Rummy clearly being the winner by a huge margin when it comes to popularity.

The ongoing pandemic too has changed a lot of things in our lives and entertainment is one of them. At such a time, the opportunity to play the Rummy game online or “virtually” as it’s called, has been a huge blessing. So what is it that makes it the best choice as a travel companion? 

  • Solo travel, especially outstation or long distances can be monotonous and boring, and online rummy can easily counter this. Players can conveniently download the Rummy game apps on their phones and start playing and thus spend their time constructively.
  • Online Rummy is a game that predominantly involves mental and physical skills, so automatically it stimulates and ignites the mind and keeps the player engaged throughout long journeys.
  • Moreover, unlike in physical rummy, the player doesn’t need the company of others or a deck of cards, not even a suitable playing surface is required…. just unlock your phone or switch on your tablet and you are set to play the rummy game online.
  • The thrill of playing, winning games is unmatched and to top it, the cash rewards which are offered by each and every rummy website make it even more irresistible! Who wouldn’t want to make a little money and travel at the same time?
  • Online Rummy is also the best recourse to unwind after a long and hard day at work, especially if the distance between home and office involves long hours of travel. Whether travelling by bus or train, why not simply download the app and refresh yourself with the exciting games and offers, till you reach your destination?
  • Monday morning blues while heading to work? Well, re-energise your grey cells with an online game or two before you reach your place of work!
  • Tired of reading newspapers and novels or listening to music while travelling, and looking for some mental exercises? Download Rummy App on your smartphone and indulge in a few games for an exhilarating change.
  • It is a great way to socialize as well; mostly all online sites offer separate chat options to enable the player to get in touch with players and opponents. An excellent way of doing two things simultaneously… making new friends with similar interests: that too from anywhere across the globe, and at the same time going about one’s daily business.
  • An excellent stress buster, downloading and playing Rummy games on the app helps to detach and detox the mind from the stressful and mundane routine and calms you down. Each match or game offers you new thrilling challenges and by the time you reach your destination you are pepped up with greater zeal and energy.

Rummy is extremely versatile. It has been described in many ways, a sport, a life skill, a brain booster and even a mood lifter… so many adjectives that fit aptly and now one more perfect adage… a thrilling and compatible companion on wheels!


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