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Dream teases face reveal

by aman

Keeping faces off YouTube/Twitch has become somewhat of a trend that “face revealing” becomes a massive phenomenon if a content creator manages to blow it away. Popular Minecraft content creator Dream has been one of those YouTuber whose true identity is craved by fans.

Following his cheating scandal, Dream appeared in an interview with Anthony Padilla, where he addresses the many events that shaped his career, along with signs suggesting an imminent face in the future. Dream worried that the mask held a limit to the ingredients it makes and seeing as how it has turned into a big part of his brand, he couldn’t let it go without revealing the proper face.

“The biggest downside is that I’m not able to fully express myself. I want to be able to do things you can’t. Like let’s say go and meet people. It’s those things.” What I can do, like being able to do TikTok,” said Dream.

He further said that, he is not afraid that keeping the mask away will harm his material and the brand he has made. Sapna prefers to see it as a new chapter in her life rather than a completely new book.

When asked how he wanted to go to the Face Reveal event, he immediately disagreed with Padilla over hosting a big event in a big stadium with lights and firecrackers, instead hosting an event with his friends. Would like to do where everyone gets a shot. Will participate in it, and look for an ideal time so that he can make the most of the event.

He revealed that the name Dream is inspired by Aerosmith’s single “Dream On” and that the mask was never part of the plan, he put it on when he had no intention of it, and it connected with the audience.


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