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Engage Better with Your Guests through QR Code Payment

by Sonal Shukla

If you run a restaurant, one of your topmost priorities would probably be to provide the best experience to the customers and increase the footfall. To give the customers a unique experience, you must be working hard to maintain the quality of the food and hygiene. Creating a guest-friendly ambiance and offering coupons and food deals is equally important to attract customers. Besides, you might continuously be looking for ways to make your guests’ experience better.

With more and more restaurants opening up, it is essential to adopt exciting and clever ways to serve customers. However, sometimes you might notice that despite having the best quality and taste, you might not be able to attract more customers to your restaurant. In such a scenario, you require to adopt a new payment system. Yes, we are talking of a QR code payment system that allows the guests to scan to pay while enjoying the walk-in, home delivery, and takeaway services.

QR Codes for Engaging Customers

Today, the old form of barcodes evolved into a smartphone readable format that stores more information than traditional ones. Besides the payment system, the QR codes include various information, including the restaurant’s contact details, website links, photo gallery, Google Maps direction, and other contents. These QR codes are essential for attracting more guests to enjoy your services. Here’s how:

Provide customers value-added services

Restaurants often can’t interact with their takeaway or home delivery customers. With the QR codes, the home delivery rate is sure to double in a few months. You can use them to promote the food and services to the customers who are reluctant to visit your restaurant. Printing QR code payment on packaging encourages the home delivery customers to avail discounts or a free dessert upon scanning on their next purchase. It is an excellent way to retain and engage with customers while boosting the restaurant’s credibility.

Receiving feedback from the customers

Most customers find filling feedback forms a tedious and time-consuming task. They end up giving inefficient answers just to please you. With a QR code on the bill, you can easily embed a feedback or questionnaire form that your customers can answer the questions and offer feedback during their leisure hours. Further, the QR codes help measure your customers’ satisfaction levels and improve your services based on their suggestions.

Engaging the waiting customers with information and recipes

Often customers are waiting at their tables for the arrival of their food. Are you wondering what you can do to make their waiting time more enjoyable? The most interesting way to engage your waiting customers is by offering them information about your food, restaurant, and the dishes you offer through the QR code.  

You can encourage your customers to scan the QR code placed on their table to redirect them to your world. Your customers can explore your Instagram or any other social media profile highlighting the popular dishes or YouTube videos focusing on your chefs’ expertise. They can also explore your blogs containing interesting information about food, nutrition, and much more.

Linking fun activities 

Your customers can participate in contests or quizzes by scanning your QR code. You can also redirect your guests to enter a lucky draw page. Link some interesting mobile-based games and encourage your guest to scan the code and play them while they patiently wait for their food. These strategies offer excellent engagement and ensure repeat visits for providing discounts and rewards if they win. 


QR codes are an excellent way of engaging with your customers. From taking feedback to scan and pay offers– QR codes make everything interesting. All you need to do is think and get a little more creative. But, of course, the best part is converting the codes according to your marketing strategies.


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