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A guide to visiting Delhi

by Sonal Shukla

A guide to visiting Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of the country is an ancient city with a rich history and culture. Presently, there are twin cities, namely Old Delhi and New Delhi. It was once the favourite place for all invaders as whoever invaded this city got to command the entire country. It is also a modern city with lots of restaurants, shops, tourist places, landmarks, entertainment, cheap/premium hotels, and much more! The locals refer it to as ‘Dilli’. You need to plan your trip in advance and get hold of hyatt regency delhi contact number to stay in luxury during the trip. 

Why should you visit Delhi?

Foreign visitors mostly make Delhi their first stop when touring the country. The locals here, referred to as ‘Dilli-wallahs’ are very friendly and welcome their guests with great hospitality. If you happen to know any local people, you are sure to enjoy your visit and mingle with the family. The city has its own old and new charm and beauty something that can be mesmerizing. You can get to discover several hidden treasures here in this glorious city. It is equally fascinating and inspiring. Being an eternal city, it has been capital for numerous previous civilizations with each one leaving behind some monuments to cherish. Although polluted, you will be surprised to come across leafy, wide boulevards. It is also the country’s political centre and cultural heart. When food is concerned, there are lots of options to choose from. 

What to do during the trip?

Trying to explore this city is similar to ‘Dance of Seven Veils’. It has been developed with numerous monuments, landmarks, layers of history, UNESCO marked heritage sights, temples, markets, etc. You can explore this city without getting tired for weeks, months or even years!

Where to visit in Delhi?

This city is extremely big that it will take a long time, energy and patience to cover it completely. Still, you might miss out on some things. Each day, you may pick an area of choice like South, New or Old Delhi to explore. At least, you need to spend three full days to get a sense of this magical city. You will find here lots of markets, historical sites, lively street scenes, parks and restaurants, etc. 

Old Delhi

This place boasts of Chandni Chowk markets, Red Fort, Raj Ghat and Jama Masjid. 

New Delhi

It is actually Central Delhi and has interesting sightseeing places like the Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, Janpath Market, Connaught Place, Khan Market, Imperial Hotel, Purana Qila, Sarojini Market, Gandhi Museum (Gandhi Smriti), etc. 

South Delhi

You may visit the Lotus Temple, Hauz Khas Village, Dilli Haat, Shahpur Jat, Qutb Minar, Dastkar Nature Bazaar, GK 1 Block N Market (women’s clothes), etc. 

How to travel around the city?

Unfortunately, peak rush hours make the city to come to a standstill due to increasing traffic on the roads. Hence, taking the road to visit sight scenes is likely to be time consuming. You will get private buses, taxis, app cabs like Uber, Ola, auto rickshaw, etc. From Azad Foundation, you \may avail women-only taxi service, referred to as ‘Women on Wheels’. Delhi Metro runs in various directions and offers air conditioned coaches for comfort and safe travel for all ages. Ladies’ car is exclusively offered for women to travel alone and safe. For nearby destinations, you can avail tuk-tuks. You also have the option to hire a driver and car for a day as it is an affordable way to travel across the city, thereby saving energy, time and money. 

Shopping places in Delhi

The fact is Delhi has plenty of markets, shopping malls and street stalls. Hence, it is rightly referred to as a shopper’s paradise. Visitors should spend at least two days to shop in Delhi to their fill without having to spend a fortune. You may also consider shopping tours. 

Khan Market is considered to be a popular one-stop shopping centre, located in Central Delhi and meant for upscale shopping. The diplomatic and expats community prefer to shop here. To derive that more exciting and intense experience, you may visit traditional markets like Janpath Market (souvenirs), Sarojini Market (clothes), Lajpat Market (housewares). Another popular place that tourist love to be is the Dilli Haat to enjoy fixed rate souvenir shopping. In Mehrauli, South Delhi, close to Chhaturpur Metro Station is the Dastkar Nature Bazaar. Melas (Fairs) are held here every month. You may refer to the official website of ‘Dastkar Nature Bazaar’ for dates. Here, the stalls offer beautiful \handmade jewellery items, textiles, crafts, crafts, etc. all at affordable prices.

Best time to visit Delhi

This city is known to experience extreme climates. Late December to early January has about 0 degree Celsius while May to June is around 50 degree Celsius. The months September to November and February to March are pleasant months. Monsoon season is during July and August. Although the temperature reduces significantly, it is quite humid and sticky. 

Again, this city experiences two unique seasons, namely, smog and fog! Smoggy condition takes place during October and November months, thus increasing pollution. Foggy condition is during the months December and January. During morning hours, fog conditions may cause train and flight delays/cancellations.

Many consider ‘Dilli ki sardi’ (winter time) to be a romantic period. However it can get very cold and freezing, requiring using heaters in the rooms to stay warm and cozy. 

What clothes you should take along to wear in Delhi?

What many are not aware is that Delhi along with Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa and Rishikesh is counted among the most ‘westernized and modern’ parts of the country. You may enjoy wearing western clothes most of the time without inviting odd looks and stares from others around. But then you need to be careful about your selection and show some cultural respect. Covering up will be essential if visiting some religious event or place, and formal functions. 

Overall, getting to understand from this guide will ensure you make the correct decisions and enjoy your trip thoroughly.

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