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Invoice Vs Receipt- What Separates Them?

by Anjali Anjali

Documenting transactions is a key part of your business. But, the process can become a hassle if you are not clear about the basic financial statements. Also, when you don’t have access to these records, you will be unable to measure your company’s performance and not serve your customer well. However, the right financial reporting software for business can help you understand key differences between documents. This blog will detail the differences between invoices and receipts.

Having the right online invoicing software will help you automate your invoices and receipts. Most organizations use a blend of both to keep transactions in check. This will help you stay on track with customers and serve them better.

Yes, both of them have similar functions. So, for increased operational efficiency,  you need to have a solid understanding of these terms.



Vendors usually create an invoice with online invoicing software to request payments from clients for their products and services. Quiet similar to a bill, it contains all information about your services and other relevant details. It also mentions the payment options you offer and other related information. All you need to do is make a few clicks with your financial reporting software and you will have an invoice without much hassles.

As a result, invoices are used by service providers that do bulk work. These include writers, designers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. However, you can make them and bill your customers after-sale irrespective of size and kind of business. The best free receipt maker app lets you make invoices and even generate receipts. All this happens while boosting the speed of the entire billing process and helping you get payments on time.

How to Write an Invoice?

When creating an invoice, you need to ensure that you write all the details. It has been observed that an invoice contains more information regarding your transactions. Here are the things you will need to add to your invoice to avoid any confusion. You can design it with your online invoicing software in just a few mins.

  • Company name, contact information, and logo
  • Customer details
  • The date you have issued the invoice
  • Payment due date and the terms
  • Payment gateways integrated with your billing or accounting solution
  • Goods and services with their prices
  • Taxes and late payment fee

Now that you know about invoices, let us see what a receipt is and why you should use it.



A receipt serves as a proof of payment. It lets you confirm with ease if your customers have received their products or are yeto receive them.

While businesses are not under any legal boundations to give out receipts, giving them can make way for smooth and transparent transactions.

Therefore, if customers have any issues, they can use it to return or exchange their items. Moreover, they will help you verify if the customers are making truthful claims or not.

Besides, a free receipt maker app will let you track orders with ease and provide assistance to customers as and when needed.

How to Write A Receipt?

Creating a receipt is quite simple when compared to making an invoice as it does not require a huge list of details. But, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have important information. While you may or may not choose to add a unique identification number to your receipts, they must contain the following information:


  • Your complete business information
  • Purchase date
  • Prices of all products and goods sold
  • Discounts or coupons offered

Some receipts may also include payment methods, terms of sales, and return policies. This comes in handy if a customer needs to return or exchange products.

Errors in orders and returns can sabotage your relation with customers and eventually lead to you losing them. Thus, you should use a good free receipt maker app to automate the whole process and fix issues that may arise.

Wrapping Up

Depending on your business needs, you may need more invoices or receipts. However, it is likely that you choose to experiment with a combination of both. Understanding the differences will help you make a choice faster and prepare the documents well in advance. Go ahead and invest in the right financial reporting software to achieve business goals and maintain a solid cash flow.



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