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Jamez Rodriguez’s most productive season at “Real Madrid”

by Sonal Shukla

Jamez Rodriguez is a legend of the Colombian national team. He played a lot of brilliant matches for the national team, including at the World Cup. By the way, STBet offers to follow all the matches of the national team and regularly earn on them.

Jamez spent the best years of his club career at “Real Madrid”. The Colombian joined the club in 2014. Then, at that time the team paid 80 million euros for the transfer of the midfielder.

The best season for Jamez at “Real Madrid” was his first season in 2014/2015. The midfielder immediately adapted to La Liga and began to show his class. He scored 13 goals in the championship in his debut campaign for the club. He had 17 accurate shots taken into account other tournaments.

Despite the effectiveness of the midfielder, that season “Real Madrid” failed to win only the Club World Cup. However, in the future, he won the Champions League, the Primera Liga and other tournaments together with the team more than once. By the way, STBet users can follow them and make predictions for each match. The schedule of matches is very tight, which allows you to regularly demonstrate your knowledge in practice.

The debut season will remain the best for James at “Real Madrid”. In the future, he will lose confidence, motivation. Yes, the Colombian will occasionally have bright games, but they are only flashes against the background of relatively pale seasons.

What helped the Colombian immediately integrate into the team?

In 2014, Jamez Rodriguez was at his peak. His successful performance at the World Cup is the best proof of that. By the way, you can perform in ST Bet login and follow tournaments of this level on the website of the trusted bookmaker. The factors that allowed the midfielder to have a successful campaign include:

  1. Excellent interaction with partners. The Colombian quickly found a common language with Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale and other members of Real Madrid’s attacking group.
  2. Confidence from the head coach. Carlo Ancelotti regularly put the midfielder on the field. He felt trust, so he regularly showed his strong qualities.
  3. Good form and motivation. In his first season at “Real Madrid”, Jamez was eager to prove that he joined the team for a reason. Therefore, he gave 100% in every match, which often helped score points.

In general, Rodriguez’s career in Madrid has been controversial. However, his first season was a success. 

If you follow the team right now, you can login to the platform ST Bet and watch the company’s most important confrontations as if in the palm of your hand. Yes, the Colombian has long been absent in the team, but the club has learned how to succeed in all tournaments without him

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