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Navigating Locum Tenens: Your Complete Guide to Getting Support

by Sonal Shukla

Reports from the medical sector are showing a significant increase in demand for locum tenens physicians over the last several years. At present, nearly half of America’s healthcare facilities are turning to these care providers to fill open positions. This segment of the healthcare sector offers benefits for medical facilities and professionals alike. For doctors, specifically, it offers flexible work schedules, a wealth of new experiences, and an array of rewarding opportunities among many other advantages.

Having said that, navigating the world of locum tenens can be a bit complicated. That’s particularly true for those who are new to this field. For them, getting locum tenens support can make matters much simpler. Locum tenens agencies can provide a variety of resources for medical professionals to help them make the most of all the potential benefits this lifestyle has to offer. Listed below are some of the aspects aspiring locum tenens providers may need extra assistance with.

Resume and CV Preparation

One of the elements locum tenens providers may need help with is resume and CV preparation. This is essential for finding the right assignments to fit physicians’ qualifications, experience, and expectations. It’s also crucial for credentialing and many other factors. Resumes should be clear and straightforward. They should highlight a doctor’s experience, skills, and qualifications. A curriculum vitae should be a bit more detailed, covering education, training, extra certifications, volunteer work, and other relevant points.

Resumes and CVs should be tailored to the locum tenens position a doctor is applying for. They need to emphasize experience and skills that are most relevant to a specific position or medical facility. Having support for this aspect can go a long way toward helping physicians find success in the realm of locum tenens work.

Insurance Coverage

Malpractice insurance is another major factor to consider. All physicians need this type of coverage to protect themselves, and numerous policies and levels of coverage are available. Malpractice coverage is often provided by locum tenens agencies, so that’s another reason working with them is recommended. At the same time, many medical facilities offer coverage for their locum tenens providers.

Still, it’s important to understand exactly what type of coverage is provided and what may be left out of the mix. That gives locum tenens providers the opportunity to acquire additional coverage if needed to ensure they’re fully protected. Having extra support in this arena can be essential for locum tenens physicians.

Finding the Right Assignments

Finding job openings and choosing the right assignments can also be complicated. After all, numerous positions are available at any given time, each one with its own benefits and drawbacks. For doctors, finding the ones that mesh with their skill sets and expectations isn’t always a clear-cut process.

An array of online job boards, professional networks, and other resources is available for just that purpose. At the same time, locum tenens agencies focus on connecting physicians with the medical facilities that need them. They can help doctors find assignments that dovetail with the locations, salaries, settings, and other criteria they’re looking for.

Finding Success as a Locum Tenens Provider

Being a locum tenens provider can be a challenging and rewarding experience for a medical professional. It offers an array of opportunities, and there’s certainly a growing demand for physicians in this field. It can also be a difficult sector to navigate with numerous factors to consider, though. Having the right support can help physicians and other medical professionals who choose to become locum tenens providers by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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