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OSRS – Using the Necklace of Passage

by Sonal Shukla

Using the Necklace of Passage

This necklace of passage will really get you going places in Old School Runescape. 

It’s easy to conclude that there are so many ways in which you can find useful OSRS items for sale when playing a game like this. After all, it has a seemingly endless supply of items that all have their own advantages. Items that can help you transport yourself around the world of Old School Runescape are particularly handy, including the Necklace of Passage. 

What is the Necklace of Passage?

In OSRS, the Necklace of Passage is a piece of equipment that you can create using enchanted items on a necklace. To make your own, grab yourself a jade necklace to start with. Then, get your magic level up to level 27, and use the lvl-2 enchant spell on the necklace.

How to Use it

The Necklace of Passage is going to be a very useful item to have, so it would be worth your time investing some OSRS gold into getting one if needed. To use it, go into your inventory and right-click on your amulet. Choose the option to rub it, or you can right-click on it whilst you have it equipped. Doing so will let you to teleport to one of the three locations that it’s capable of. 

When you are using the necklace, you will be using a charge each time. There are five charges for you to be able to use in total. Once you have used all of your five charges, then the necklace will fall apart.

Despite these advantages, there isn’t actually any stat bonuses that comes with the Necklace of Passage. Besides from it being able to teleport you to different locations, it is merely for cosmetic purposes. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Firstly, we need to remember to get our magic skill up to level 27. This is an important step going forward, after which we can start to get a necklace of our own. The items that we need are a jade necklace, a cosmic rune and three air runes. In total, this will cost you 848 OSRS GP. For a Necklace of Passage that has five charges, you’re looking at a price of 845 OSRS gold. This shouldn’t break the bank, so no need to go looking for OSRS gold for sale

Where Does it Teleport to?

As mentioned, there are three locations that you can teleport to with the Necklace of Passage. One of these locations is the Wizards’ Tower. This is found just to the south of Draynor Village. This is a useful place to have as a teleport location, as you may even recognise it as a place that plays a part in a number of quests. 

The Outpost is another location you can teleport to with the necklace. This historic area plays a big part in certain quests too, and is found to the north of West Ardougne. The third location is the Eagle’s Eyrie, which is part of an eagle transport system that players are able to use in the game, 

Where these locations are ends up playing a big part in whether or not you should pursue getting a necklace like this. It’s not as if you have to buy OSRS gold in order to be able to afford it. Having said that, if you are planning to take that method, be sure to use a resource that has trusted OSRS gold available.

It would be fair to say the places in which you can travel to with this necklace make it worthwhile. The Wizards’ Tower will be useful for certain quests, including Rune Mysteries and Imp Catcher. It is also near a fairy ring if that’s something you are looking to use. As for the Outpost, you can transport straight to Jorral easily here, and is near key location such as Arandar, West Ardougne, and the Tree Gnome Stronghold. If you want a quick way of getting to the eagle transport system to use, then use the Necklace of Passage to get to Eagle’s Eyrie. 

Having a good transport system is going to play a vital role in Old School Runescape. The sheer convenience of these traits is something that will make your experience much smoother. Investment in resources with OSRS gold is important too, so you can make sure that you’re getting the right items. One that should get your investment is most certainly the Necklace of Passage. With the right items, or at least some gold, and of course the relevant magic level, you will be able to slip on the necklace yourself.

Do you have an OSRS Necklace of Passage? Let us know in the comments below!


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