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PMGC 2022

PMGC 2022: PUBG Mobile Global Championship Teams, Format, prize pool and Schedule

by Ravi Sharma

The most exclusive and illustrious tournament in the mobile gaming circuit is back with a second installment of PMGC. With its first edition being hailed as a success and viewership numbers skyrocketing, PMGC has become the most elusive event in mobile gaming. Teams qualifying for this years championship will not only be vying for rights to the title but also over $1 million prize pool. It promises to be a thrilling spectacle yet again this time around!

How does it work? Qualifiers for the event have been underway for months now, with intense inter-regional clashes between top contenders from five regions across Asia. Each of these five regions are also divided into sub regions and the top teams in these regional qualifiers will be invited to the final leg of PMGC 2018. These teams will compete against each other on the 20th and 21st September in the Global Final where they will battle it out for a prize pool of over $1 million.

PMGC is an elimination based tournament, with 2 preliminary Round Robin matches scheduled for each team on Day 1 of the tournament. Only eight teams from each group will advance to Day 2 where they will be seeded according to their total points at that point in time. Another 2 elimination matches await them, where just 4 teams will make it to Day 3.

Day 3 will pit the 8 remaining teams against each other in a classic Best of 5 series. The team that wins the most maps within this series will be crowned champion, and claim their share of the $1 million prize pool, along with some of the other amazing prizes on offer.

Group A: Team Liquid, CR4ZY, The Mongolz, HAVU Gaming, Dark Passage Group B: Fnatic, PENTA Sports, Clout9 Gaming, 4Kings Gaming Club, Team Exayt

Format and prize pool breakdown

Total Prize Pool = $1 000 000.00 (USD) Total Teams = 16 First place team = 50% of the prize pool Second place team = 25% of the prize pool Third place team = 10% of the prize pool Fourth place team = 5% of the prize pool Fifth place team = 3% of the prize pool All 16 teams that have advanced from the Round Robin stage will receive a share of the $100 000.

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