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The Art of Restoration: Giving New Meaning to Your Dirt Bike

by Sonal Shukla

People the world over use dirt bikes as a way to get around. However, they are also excellent when a person wants to get out and have fun. They are ideal for extreme outdoor sports. A serious rider recognizes that the bike is more than a machine. Every time they go riding, people learn a lot about them just from the look of the bike. It shares information about who they are and what is important to them.

If you recently purchased a new ride, you might need a dirt bike graphics kit. The current color scheme and design may not be to your liking. With the help of this kit, you can change the bike’s appearance quickly. Choose from a range of kits, colors, and more to ensure the bike reflects who you are.

The graphics kit will also add a layer of protection for the bike, reducing the risk of scratches and other blemishes. The graphics will stand between the bike and any dirt or debris that comes its way. Your bike will look new longer, which you are sure to appreciate. How should you apply the graphics to get the look you desire and the protection the bike needs?

Begin with the Easy Parts

Always start with the easy stuff. Veterans know to do this, as they have probably installed multiple graphics kits. A good place to start, according to those who have done this before, is with the front number plate. Starting here lets you get a feel for which installation techniques work and which don’t. There is little chance you will ruin anything. Once you gain some confidence in your ability to install the decals, you can move on to more complex areas.

Have a Credit Card Handy

No, you won’t need this card to call someone and have them install the graphics for you. The card is similar to the applicator tool professionals use when installing these kits. Rather than purchasing the tool to only use occasionally, use a credit card, debit card, or driver’s license. This card acts similarly to the tool and will prevent bubbling as you install the stickers. Use the card and press down on each sticker as you apply it to the plastic. As you remove the paper backing, press and move the card down the sticker to remove any air underneath it.

Cut the Backing Into Smaller Sections

One way to make the installation process easier is to cut the backing into sections, particularly on larger graphics. When doing so, take care that you do not cut too deep. You don’t want to cut into the graphics themselves. When you cut the backing into sections, it makes it easy to line up the decal one section at a time.

Apply Heat

Once the graphics are in place, apply heat. Many people try to apply heat as they are applying the decals. Experts know that applying the heat once the graphics are in place activates the adhesive. This allows the graphics to adhere better, which means they won’t need to be applied as often.

Consider purchasing a new dirt bike graphics kit today. It is an easy way to upgrade the ride while sharing more about yourself with others. As these kits are inexpensive, you can upgrade the bike regularly and feel as if you have upgraded the bike too.

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