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The Biggest Stadium in India is About to Welcome Australian Cricket Teams

by Sonal Shukla

People who are true fans of cricket are acknowledged over the biggest stadium of this kind of sport as it is presented in India. The name of this stadium is very easy to remember – Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. It can take a crowd of at least 110000 people. According to the official information that was confirmed by a number of reputable sources, such as the BetWinner Bangladesh download application, it is likely that the four Tests in February and March in 2023 will be hosted by Ahmedabad, Delhi, Nagpur and Dharamsala. But the most important among them is definitely the Ahmedabad stadium, because it is the biggest and most reputable as the matches were hosted at this stadium since early 1980s. This place was completely rebuilt in 2015 and 2020, which is another reason why the Indian prime minister has named it the most impressive place for all cricket fans.

Why Australian Cricket Teams Will Tour India?

Now, India is not only successful in international competitions, but has also turned cricket into a multi-billion dollar industry. Founded in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is played under T20 rules, is growing rapidly and its matches are watched in many countries in South Asia. Here are just a few numbers. In 2020, the international consulting company Duff & Phelps estimated the value of the IPL brand at $6.1 billion. In 2017, the Star India media group bought the rights to broadcast IPL matches for $2.55 billion for a five-year period. And most recently, this month the Board of Control for Cricket in India sold the rights to organize two new teams for $1.6 billion. So it’s no surprise that in 2017, during a visit to India, American president Donald Trump chose a cricket stadium for his public address in Ahmedabad as it is the largest stadium in the world, which can accommodate from 110000 to 132000 sports fans. 

Here are top reasons on why this stadium in particular is used for test matches:

  • It has an incredible capacity;
  • India is the number 1 country for cricket fans;
  • This stadium was completely rebuilt a couple of years ago, which makes it the biggest and modest place to hold literally any cricket event. 

This stadium was already used for 2 major test matches between India and England. It also was the major venue for the IPL final event. Australian teams must be presented in their best shape and only stadiums like this one are the best possible choice for such events like those aimed for 2023. No foreign stadiums are able to compete with this one. It is important to say that India is not the greatest field for Australian players, because they have lost their test matches in Dharamshala in one of the most epic series that took place in 2017. But it does not mean that 2023 is going to be so depressing as well. But on the other hand, Nagpur is historically the place where teams of Australia were able to play their best matches in years. 

In fact, next year should be a historical one, as it can be said by the official statistics of the Australian cricket team in India that is also mentioned on Wikipedia. The thing that makes it so special is the fact that the last time Australian and Indian teams competed in the same test match was in 2004. Conditions for future events between these countries are super good. 

Why Are Australians So Good At Cricket?

People may be surprised by hearing the fact that Australian teams are so good at playing cricket. But there are a couple of logical reasons of why it is so – mentality, good infrastructure and a good atmosphere for enhancing the performance of every player. People are able to place bets on this kind of sport absolutely legally by using the betbuzz365 live website. It is possible to say that the government is doing a nice thing at motivating people to get better at this kind of sport. It can be seen by the number of celebrities that have become popular due to cricket. A lot of great stadiums allow people to start playing this sport at a very young age and quickly progress by becoming a true legend relatively fast. In some cases, Australians need only a couple of years to impress worldwide teams. This is why this country is among only true competitors to Indian players in terms of Cricket. 


Which Cricket Stadium is The Biggest?

Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad is the biggest cricket stadium in the whole world. 

How Many Times This Stadium Was Rebuilt?

This stadium was rebuilt at least 2 times. 

Who is the best cricket player in Australia right now?

According to the global statistics, the best player in Australia at the moment is Donald Bradman. 

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