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The Ultimate Guide to Book Train Tickets in India

by Sonal Shukla

Traveling by train is the most common item on every Indian’s bucket list. Using the extensive and cost-effective Indian Railways network is the greatest way to see India. This vast system, however, is perplexing, and tickets may sell out months in advance, making booking from abroad problematic. But don’t worry; in this detailed guide, I’ll cover all you need to know about rail travel in India.


I’ve been travelling alone, on a budget, and as a solo traveler around India. In this essay, I’ll show you how to book train tickets in India. I’ll give you an introduction of Indian Railways and show you how to book train tickets in India ahead of time, even from overseas, to ensure a pleasant voyage.


I’ve gone over the various types of tickets and the eight classes available on Indian Railways. Is it necessary for you to understand what a Taktal ticket is? How to buy train tickets in India (even from overseas) and all you need to know about rail travel What’s the difference between AC2 and AC3, is joining a Wait List required, and how bad is sleeper class? This article contains all of these possibilities…


I’ve included all of my India train travel information, as well as answers to your questions and worries about how to find your seat, food, safety, scams, and, of course, the status of Indian train bathrooms! Although the material is lengthy (Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest and busiest rail networks!), it is definitely worth your time. So sit back and relax with a cup of chai as I teach you everything there is to know about Indian rail travel!

Why not take the train instead of riding the bus?

Rail travel is a popular means of transit across India because its roads are typically in poor condition, traffic can be hectic, and buses can be rickety. Of course, you can ride the bus; in India, buses range from bone-chilling bone-shakers to ‘delux AC’ buses that are just about somewhat comfortable.

Traveling by train in India, on the other hand, is far more fun, and the scenery is usually nicer. After a horrific sleeper bus journey from Mumbai to Goa on my first trip to India, I now prefer rail travel in India, especially for longer distances (it felt like I was in a coffin on a roller coaster).

The sophisticated Indian railway system is one of the world’s largest, covering virtually every corner of this fascinating and diverse country, and tickets are reasonably priced. Rail service is provided to practically every town and city in the country, with around 63,000 kilometres of track and 6,800 stops.


After Russia and China, Indian Railways is the world’s third largest and busiest passenger train network. With approximately 1.5 million employees, Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest employers. In India, almost 23 million people use trains on a regular basis. The country is traversed by nearly 10,000 locomotives and 67,000 passenger carriages, spanning a distance of 66,000 kilometers. All of India’s railway tracks would circle the globe 1.5 times if laid out in a straight line!


You won’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime cultural immersion experience. Train travel in India is never boring; you’ll see a variety of sights both inside and outside the train. Train seats in India, on the other hand, sell out swiftly in the world’s most densely populated country, especially for popular routes, and trains might be sold out weeks or even months in advance, causing considerable delays in your trip plans! As a result, when planning your trip to India, buying train tickets should be at the top of your priority list.

What is the best way to reserve train tickets for Indian railways in advance?

Because rail travel in India is so popular, I always advise travelers to book their train tickets ahead of time. You may reserve railway tickets in India in a variety of methods, but don’t expect to be able to hop on and off whenever you want. Unless you’re travelling in unreserved second class, which I wouldn’t recommend (though it’s rarely as awful as you anticipate!), you’ll require a reservation for any Indian Railways long-distance trains.

Tickets for Indian trains can be purchased up to 120 days in advance due to the great demand for train travel in India. I recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to make your trip to India more pleasurable and less stressful, especially if you only have a limited amount of time in India and a packed itinerary. Train tickets for India are available at the following locations:

Use a travel agent like Trainman 

Using the services of a travel agent to book rail tickets from abroad is the most convenient option. They’re terrific trip planners, and I’ve always had good luck with them, so I now use Trainman to book all of my train tickets. They charge a modest service fee, but it saves you time and worry when it comes to booking rail tickets, and it ensures that you get the right trains for your travel. They might also be able to assist with all aspects of vacation planning in India, such as choosing the finest routes, hotels, and modes of transportation.


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