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Top 10 sites with jobs in Qatar

by Sonal Shukla

Qatar is a favorite holiday destination among Indians. However, many are considering moving to this region. In most cases, living and working in this country requires knowledge of the English language at an intermediate level. You can find vacancies without such a requirement, but most likely it will be a low-paid job.

Qatar is one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the Middle East. Ideal infrastructure, a high level of medicine and education, a per capita income that is not inferior to Switzerland – all this attracts investors to this state and, of course, people who want to work abroad. Employment in Qatar allows you to earn a high income, conduct business in comfortable conditions and live with a sense of stability.

Why is Qatar attractive?

This state is located next to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, not inferior to its neighbors in terms of development. It receives its main income from the extraction and sale of oil and gas, while tourism, construction, information technology, and trade are growing rapidly here. Large companies often attract foreign specialists, so if you have high qualifications, it is quite possible to find a suitable vacancy in Qatar.

The main city of the country is the capital Doha. This is the business center of the state – it is here that the offices of transnational corporations and the main giants of the Qatari economy are located. There are luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques, etc. in the city. Most of the employers who open vacancies for foreigners are concentrated in Doha.

Now the country is in anticipation of a grand sporting event – the 2022 FIFA World Cup. New stadiums, hotels, restaurants and other infrastructure facilities are being built here to hold the scheduled matches. This means that in the near future the state will open even more jobs for visitors. In the first place, companies working in the field of tourism, services, beauty and health will need new employees.

The salary in Qatar is high by any standards: on average, here you can earn from 1000-2000 dollars, working in regular positions in restaurants and hotels. Moreover, this is the amount that the employee is paid “clean”, without charging for housing, meals, transfers. A fitness trainer can earn $2,500-$5,000, a trade specialist from $2,500, a kindergarten teacher from $1,500, and a school teacher from $2,500 per month.

Such income allows you to freely save money with a decent standard of living. Another advantage is the developed healthcare sector. If you have insurance, you can get all the necessary medical care, the quality of which is in many ways superior to European hospitals. Foreigners are also attracted by low crime and a benevolent attitude towards people from other countries. Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world.

Best Job Search Sites in Qatar

Below are the most popular online job search platforms in Qatar.


How to get a job in Qatar?

To get a job in Qatar, you need to look for a job in Qatar. Read more about where to look for work in Qatar below.

Once you receive a job offer, you apply for a residence permit with your employer. You do not need a residence permit if you are a Qatari citizen or come from another Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE or Oman.

If you need a residence permit, please contact your new employer. It could be a company or an employment agency. They will give you a visa to enter the country if you are not already in Qatar.

If you have an employer who can sponsor you, he will need to complete all the paperwork in order to get you a residence permit. If you received a job offer before you arrived in the country, your employer must convert your temporary visa into a residence permit within a few weeks.

A residence permit usually allows you to bring your family with you to Qatar. You also want to understand what will happen to your residence permit if you change employers or stop working.

Find a job first and then worry about getting a work permit if you need one.

How to look for a job in Qatar?

You can find jobs in Qatar by searching for jobs in Qatar online. You will find a job directly with a company or employment agency. Here is a list of possible ways to find a job in Qatar.

Job market in Qatar

Currently, the unemployment rate in Qatar is 0.1%. This is because there are many jobs in the country and anyone who is looking for a job in Qatar has a good chance of being employed. The country’s economy is developing rapidly, and in 2018, the country’s GDP amounted to almost 9 billion US dollars.

Chinese oil and gas.

Oil and gas is the largest industry in the country. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in Qatar, it is best to work in this industry. However, manufacturing is also a major industry, as are finance, insurance, and real estate. Similarly, construction and construction are the two biggest industries for employment in Qatar. This is especially true ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. However, after this momentous event, the industry is expected to experience a slowdown in growth rates. There are many large construction companies in Qatar. Many large multinational companies have their offices in Qatar. Among them are Shell, ExxonMobil, BNP Paribas, HSBC and Standard Chartered.

However, there are also many large local companies. These include Qatar Petroleum, Woqod, Qatar Steel and Msheired.

Wages in Qatar

Currently, the minimum wage in Qatar is 750 carats per month. However, at the end of 2019, the government announced that new minimum wage laws would be passed soon. Despite this, the minimum wage in Qatar is CAD 750 per month. Despite this, salaries in the country are high, which primarily attracts expats looking for work there. The average salary in Qatar is about 13,000 carats per month. However, it can vary greatly. The salary can be as low as 1,200 QAR/month or as high as 90,000 QAR/month. Below are some average expat salaries for various occupations:

Multinational CEO – QAR121,322-QAR156,635/month
Human Resources Manager – QAR34,752-QAR45,868/month
IT Manager – QAR43,436-QAR57,287/month
Manager Event Management — QAR18,377-QAR29, 130/month
Lawyer — QAR34,245-QAR44,172/month
Physician — QAR33,972-QAR42,966/month
Bank Branch Manager — QAR29,468-QAR47,867/month
PR- manager — QAR27,164-QAR36,547/month

Requirements to work in Qatar

If you are planning to work in Qatar, you will have to go through several hurdles. In general, they are not particularly difficult, so you should not have too many problems.

Work visas in Qatar

All foreigners seeking work in Qatar must obtain a residence permit. However, you can only get it if your employer sponsors you. Once you have obtained a residence permit in Qatar, you will be able to work in Qatar. If you have an employer who can sponsor you, he will have to complete all the documents for obtaining a residence permit. If you receive a job offer before entering the country, your employer must convert your temporary visa into a residence permit within two to four weeks. These residence permits also allow you to bring your family to Qatar. However, they must be renewed annually by your employer. Language requirements for working in Qatar When it comes to working in Qatar, knowledge of English is a must. This is the main language used for doing business in the country. However, knowledge of the Arabic language may also be useful.

Qualification to work in Qatar

In general, most companies in Qatar expect you to have a college degree. However, if you are a professional, you may need a professional qualification. For example, lawyers, doctors, and teachers must show specific qualifications related to their work. All qualifications must be notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, your diplomas must be certified by the Qatari embassy in your country. In addition, you will need to provide a detailed letter from your university or council confirming your qualifications. All diplomas must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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