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Toyota to explore blockchain use cases via DAO hackathon

by Sonal Shukla

Toyota is the automotive giant. It has been delving more into blockchain technology’s use cases. It is sponsoring one Web3 hackathon on a multi-chain smart contract network. It is the Astar Network. It has the potential of yielding some management tools for employees of Toyota. The developer will be building one DAO support tool on this network. It is one of the first para chains to arrive at the Polkadot ecosystem. It will let allow better team management and decision-making for Toyota. Check the link to learn everything about cryptocurrency wallet. 

What is this hackathon?

Web3 designers across the globe are welcome to be a piece of the occasion. They may construct an intracompany DAO support device on the Astar Network. This affiliation would empower the making of groups and the issuance of administration tokens. Also a vote without expecting to figure out the subtleties of Web3.

Sota Watanabe is the organizer behind Astar Network. Toyota is the biggest organization in Japan. It is one of the world’s driving global organizations. They are eager to have the Web3 Hackathon on Astar with Toyota. During the occasion, they will foster the main Confirmation of-Idea DAO apparatus. It will be for Toyota’s representatives. If a decent instrument is created, Toyota representatives will connect every day with Astar Network. It will offer all essential environments for developers. It will get tasked with the support of product development and mentoring via the process. 

Enhancement of corporate processes

Toyota is going further into blockchain use cases by taking part in a Web3 hackathon for DAO designers. Astar, a multi-chain shrewd agreement and dApp, declared its most memorable Web3 hackathon on February 1. The significant news is that Toyota Engine Partnership is subsidizing it.

Sota Watanabe, the organizer behind the Astar Network, remarked on Toyota’s commitment to the drive: “During the occasion, we plan to foster the principal PoC DAO device for Toyota’s workers. said Sota Watanabe, the pioneer behind Astar Network, in a proclamation. “Assuming that a decent device is delivered, Toyota representatives will communicate every day with Astar Network,” he added, taking note that while this is an exploratory stage, blockchain innovation in vehicles is conceivable later on.

Astar Network’s first metaverse

Keeping with the Web3 use topic, the hackathon will happen in COSMIZE Occasion Lobby, the first metaverse on the Astar Network. This isn’t the initial time Astar – which permits designers to fabricate interoperable dapps – is teaming up with a huge Japanese organization. In November, NTT Docomo, Japan’s biggest cell phone organization, said it will team up with Astar Establishment and Accenture to accelerate its Web3 reception. In December, Astarwas additionally granted “Result of the Year” by Japan Blockchain Affiliation. It has about $42 million in absolute worth locked (TVL), with almost $17 million, or 40%, of TVL on the decentralized trade stage ArthDex, as per DefiLlama information. ASTR, the local badge of the organization, rose around half this year and has a market cap of $234.5 million, as per CoinMarketCap.

The need for this move

Toyota has been trying different things with blockchain innovation for some time. In 2020, the auto goliath uncovered its investigating blockchain applications for the car business through a gathering made out of a few auxiliaries. From that point forward the automaker hasn’t taken any large actions into the innovation, regardless of other corporate goliaths hopping into non-fungible symbolic undertakings, crypto installments, and metaversereconciliations during the promotion pattern of 2021 and the start of 2022. Supporting the hackathon would check a more critical stage for Toyota’s trial with blockchain innovation and potential Web3 joining. The move comes as Japan’s Web3 strategy has been given a kick-off this year by lawmakers anxious to get rid of formality and a generally sluggish dynamic cycle. A Web3 strategy office currently exists under the Service of Economy, Exchange, and Industry (METI). In November, the country’s computerized service reported it would make a DAO to investigate Web3 innovation.


The inaugural Web3 event of Toyota has got looked upon as an international occasion. It is as the automaker starts to develop technologies. It is for helping its ambition to enhance the operations of the company as per the release. A commitment of $100000 to this event took place by the Astar Foundation. It will get used for all award-winning initiatives selected by Toyota. Participants will be creating all good on this network. The hackathon will happen in COZMISE. It is the Polkadot-based Metaverse of Astar. It is the first company that dabbled in crypto and blockchain technology. On the declaration, the price of Astar jumped to $0.06 from 10.5%. The token gained almost 53% in the past month yet it is still 86% under its all-time price high. If you trade in cryptos then you must visit Bitcoin smart. It is a popular and reliable official trading website.

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