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Understanding the rules of table tennis

by Sonal Shukla

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is a fast-paced and highly skilled sport played by millions of people worldwide. There is betting in Pakistan on 1xbet.pk that can be made on all competitions of this sport too.

Governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), table tennis has a set of rules and regulations that ensure fair play and competitive integrity. Let’s examine some of its key rules. Table tennis matches can produce many outcomes, and betting in 1xBet Pakistan on them is certainly a great thing to do.

A few essential aspects

The game is played with a lightweight ball, usually made of celluloid or plastic, and a table divided into 2 halves by a net. Players use small, wooden or composite paddles (also known as rackets or bats) to hit the ball back and forth over the net. At http://1xbet.pk/mobile you can wager on the best players of this exciting discipline too.

Let’s summarize how a typical match looks:

  • normally, it is played as the best of any odd number of games, often 3, 5, or 7;
  • the 1st player to reach 11 points wins a game;
  • but if the score reaches 10-10, the game continues until 1 player gains a 2-point advantage.

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Other things that are seen in matches of this sport

Service alternates between players every 2 points. The server must toss the ball vertically at least 6 inches and strike it so that it bounces on their side of the table first, then clears the net and lands on the opponent’s side. The ball must touch the server’s side of the table and then bounce on the opponent’s side to be considered legal. You can bet live now at 1xBet on what will happen after a service too.

The receiver must allow the ball to bounce once on their side of the table before returning it. After that, players alternate hitting the ball back and forth, allowing it to bounce once on their side between shots, until one player fails to return the ball legally.

In table tennis, volleys (hitting the ball without it bouncing on your side first) are not allowed. The ball must bounce once on the receiving side before it can be struck. Other aspects of the game can be wagered by making a live bet now at the 1xBet website.

In doubles matches, teammates alternate serving every 2 points, and the receiving team also alternates returners. The order of service must be maintained throughout the game.

Finally, if the ball touches the net during a service but still lands in the correct service area, it is called a “let,” and the server gets another chance to serve without losing a point.

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