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Various girly bong available and which one is preferable

by Sonal Shukla

Bongs also known as water pipes have been in use since hundreds of years by people. The early users had bamboo made bongs to smoking tobacco and hemp. Bongs help in removing some of the heavier particles from the smoke. Current bongs are made from glass or silicone. They are heat resistant and are better for repeated usage. They are available in various designs and color now a days. Various girly bong is available to give girls a better selection and choice of the kind of bongs they prefer. The design and color are for preference only and do not have any effect on the effectiveness of the bong. Various type of materials has been used for making bongs like bamboo, metal, glass and silicone etc, every one of them has their own benefits and disadvantages. Depending on the usage a bong type can be chosen.

Glass bongs are the most popular water pipes throughout history. Since glass can be blown to any shape and size, girly bong is available in beautiful designs and shapes. With time they have been accessorized with percolators, ice catchers etc. to make them give a better and smoother experience. Although glass can break with a small fall, some of the thicker ones have proven to last longer and survive a fall or two. Although glass bongs come in single piece which make them difficult to carry and clean, they do not retain any smell. If equipped with the right tool to clean them they are easier to maintain than other bongs. Glass bongs are more resistant to heat so they can be reused for a longer period of time.

Metal bongs are durable and might be a affordable option but they are certainly not a favorite in the vaping community. The metals used in creating these bongs have a tendency to leech into the smoke giving users a bad taste and impacting the smoothness. Comparing them on looks with other materials they lack on all aspects. They are difficult to accessorize, they are not see through and they do not have great designs. Comparing them on durability with the likes of glass and silicone they do not have much of an advantage. Owing to these problems metal bongs are not advisable to use.

Bongs made of silicone are gaining popularity in the last few years and are the go-to type for many people. The heat resistant material makes it good for smoking out of without affecting the taste or smoothness. Silicone bongs can be folded making them unbreakable, they are safe to clean in a dishwasher and many of them now come with a lifetime warranty making them a preferable option. Silicone ones are small, come in various colors and designs but owing to their small size they are difficult to accessorize. The size makes it an issue to fir percolators, coolers and filters. Since percolators are made of glass or quartz its difficult to fit them in a bong also they will affect the USP i.e. being light and easy to transport. Some of the newer models are trying to address these issues with coating silicone over quartz but they still fall short of the feature provided by the traditional glass models. Overall silicone bongs are easy to transport, durable come in good designs and are easier to clean.

Before the silicone ones acrylic bongs had made their debut but these aren’t upto the mark and are not recommended for usage. The material leeches into the taste and is prone to easy breakage. They are extremely cheap, made of hard plastic and come in various shapes and sizes. They are usually imported from various small countries so no one know how they affect the health of an individual. Mostly they are used because they are cheap but cost more on the long run. Spending a few extra bucks and getting a silicone or glass girly bong is recommended.

Pottery is a worldwide practiced profession and popular for their one of kind handmade creations. This was popular much before glass came into the picture. So obviously ceramic bongs were popular and available much before the glass bongs. They have a higher heat resistance than their glass counterparts and are durable. They have a one up over glass on being unique and beautiful. These handmade pieces of art lack in the accessories front where not many of them have an option to add percolators, coolers etc. They are extremely durable and a bit affordable than glass ones but higher priced ceramic bongs are available too. If accessories are out of the picturethey are kind of the same and it is a matter of preference as they is no other factor separating the glass and the ceramic bongs.

There are other materials from which bongs are made but they have not proven to be durable over longer period of usage like bamboo, plastic and wood. People have been creative with household items to build themselves a bong but that is not advisable owing to various health issues they might create.

There are various girly bongs available depending on their bases. They have been categorized as beaker base bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, round base bongs and multi chamber bongs among others. Beaker base bongs is one of the popular models being used worldwide. They have a larger base and are tall giving it a lot of stability and bigger hits. Owing to their big size they can be easily accessorized. Another type of popular bong is the straight tube girly bong. They are typically taller than the rest of the bongs and are made of thicker material to give them durability. They usually come fitted with accessories.

Overall, a beaker base or straight tube girly bong made of glass, ceramic or silicone should be the ideal choice for a smooth, healthy and affordable experience. Acrylic ones are only viable for a one off smoking need.


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