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What is a Certified Ethical Hacker certification?

by Sonal Shukla

What is a Certified Ethical Hacker certification?

Certified Ethical Hackers use malicious attackers’ tools and skills to detect susceptibilities in an organization’s computer systems. A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) designs preventive, helpful, and safe procedures. Betas News, a popular website for technology news, noted how ethical hacking roles were among the top cybersecurity last year. This article mentioned the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) as one of the most popular penetration testing certificates on the market.

They examine and take measures to safeguard a target system from attacks. CEH certification is a vendor-neutral credential, allowing CEH to protect a wide range of systems irrespective of their source.

The CEH was the first certification to introduce “black hat” hacking techniques to a general audience of IT practitioners; it provided the information needed to prevent and respond correctly to cyber-criminal strategies.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking identifies system flaws that allow unauthorized access to the system for malicious operations, from deleting system files to stealing sensitive information by leveraging these vulnerabilities.

Why choose CEH as a career option?

  • Ethical hacking takes place in five stages, each procedure providing measurable methods for detecting vulnerabilities.
  • The only certification which gives expertise in five phases is the Certified Ethical Hacker.
  • They are usually included in ongoing network assessment, penetration testing, and other risk assessment operations.
  • New technology expansion has increased the risk of cybercrime, and ethical hacking is now standard in businesses, governments, and start-ups.
  • Protection of digital and information assets is critical with rising dependency on data science across businesses.
  • Hacking is a hostile act, and businesses are aware of these threats. All firms need to have certified ethical hackers to defend and secure their digital assets to avoid attacks by hackers.
  • The career opportunities for ethical hackers are increasing. Due to the boom of data, the industry is expected to grow dramatically over the next decade.

Key benefits of Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

Due to its popularity, many professionals around the world are trying to accomplish that certification. You’ll want to know the benefits before you commit your time and money if you consider the CEH too.

  1. Improve your risk and vulnerability understanding – Cybercriminals are innovative. They will continually explore new ways of attacking and using IT infrastructure. You will have difficulties safely maintaining them without knowledge of the threats and vulnerabilities associated with your systems.
  2. Learn how to think like a hacker – by learning how to feel like a hacker, you can take a proactive approach to detect areas that could be vulnerable to cybercriminals beyond your present security policies and tactics.
  3. Not only relevant to penetration testers – CEH certification is not only for penetration testers. This adaptable certification is perfect for IT security experts and network specialists.
  4. CEH will increase your pay – The certification that the industry has accredited is a clear benchmark for your qualifications and can be vital for the move to rewarding new employment.
  5. Enhance your security career – In this position, consider getting a CEH in addition to CompTIA’s Security + certification. At the same time, you are in this position and are willing to play a rewarding part in cyber safety.
  6. Fundamental hacking tools are used – however, you can learn how to use them yourself through CEH – legitimate, ethical hacking courses will often provide access to 140 real-world labs and over 2,200 hacking tools. Learning how hostile attackers employ different technologies enables you to save your systems, apps, and other assets more securely.

Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other subject is necessary to become a certified ethical hacker. To acquire an entry into the cybersecurity industry as a professional, many companies need a CEH or other equivalent credential. Knowing so many different languages for software design and coding experience is a prerequisite. Later on, numerous black hat hackers also become CEH-certified hackers.

The task of CEH experts is to carry out scripting tests and risk assessments frequently. In-depth technological know-how is necessary for this objective. These fields are architecture, programming language, network architecture, security topics, testing methods, and tools. Potential companies are also seeking experts with experience using tools and expertise in malicious malware and defense measures. In addition, they employ similar tools and expertise as a malicious hacker. Still, they analyze the safety posture of target networks in legal and genuine terms.

Certification requirements

There are numerous security and ethical hacking certificates in the field of information technology available on the market. These certificates help an individual to make this highly creative technology possible. On the other hand, the Certified-Ethical–Hacker certificate by EC-Council is the best starting place for a person to get a kick.

Exam pattern

The CEH examination is an MCQ test consisting of a total of 125 questions. The passing criteria fluctuate with every subsequent analysis, and the passing standards are not determined. A panel of specialists from the field of Ethical Hacking determines the level of complexity of each question. This level specifies how many questions a candidate must correctly answer to break the exam. The CEH exam curriculum is meticulously crafted for each key aspect of ethical hacking by topic experts.

The test lasts for four hours. You must remember that all of these 125 MCQ questions need to be answered in just four hours. You can, therefore, immediately assess each question’s difficulty level and opt to allow it additional time if necessary with sufficient preparation.


Ethical hacking is one of today’s most exciting areas of career. It can be the most lucrative way of gaining the ideal jobs in the field, provided you have the proper certification in Ethical Hacking.

CEH – Master’s program may be the next step in your learning journey. The training in information security, particularly the certification of ethical hacking, teaches individuals the ability and the appropriate means to follow to ensure their talents are helpful. The scope of positions varies from beginners, experts, and senior managers. The holders of this credential are becoming recognized globally. In that way, you can take advantage of outstanding jobs and fantastic pay.

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