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What predictions for the English soccer championship has the supercomputer made

by Sonal Shukla

Zinchenko without the title. Supercomputer predicted the final table of APL

For a long time now, the world has adopted the practice of predicting the results of soccer championships with the help of a supercomputer. This is an interesting action – more than once artificial intelligence has correctly determined the champions, as well as the teams departing from the tournament. But there have been enough discrepancies between this practice and reality. For the current draw of the APL 2023/2024 supercomputer from Bettingexpert has issued its results. In this material we will read them, analyze this information, and also try to give our forecast on the key positions in the standings of the APL site https://football-mundial.com/.

What will be the outcome of the 2023/2024 season in the APL

First of all, let’s start with the departing clubs in the Championship. Here, the Bettingexpert computer surprised few people – the same trio that most experts around the world were talking about were named:

“Luton Town;
“Sheffield United.

Interestingly, in the second half of the standings, according to the supercomputer’s prediction, was London “West Ham”, which started the season quite briskly. Its artificial intelligence put it on the 11th final place. It is noteworthy that the twelfth in the predicted table is Liverpool “Everton”, which is closer to the basement of the standings.

Another revelation was the position of “Brighton”. De Dzerby’s team will be ninth according to the supercomputer. Positions 6 through 8 look much more unexpected. According to the AI, Manchester United will be in eighth place (it would be the worst result in the club’s history for the last 30 years). Seventh is Tottenham, who are still in the leading group of the APL (as of November). But in sixth place is Chelsea, who are experiencing serious problems and are just starting to climb out of the second ten.

The top five surprised few, given recent Premier League trends and tendencies:

“Manchester City;
“Aston Villa.

Of course, few experts assume that Villa will be able to impose the fight for the top-4 until the last round. And “Newcastle” in fourth place, according to many analysts – a rather controversial possible outcome. The positions in the top three are also questionable. If the championship title really many gave the “Manchester City”, then in the superiority of “Arsenal” in the table before “Liverpool” believed less than half of the experts. Either way, it looks quite curious. You can put your money on these events. Just go to the 1win website and make your prediction on the APL champion. You can do this at any time online via the mobile site or desktop version.

How supercomputer results compare to reality

In fact, Bettingexpert’s artificial intelligence results look very realistic. Hardly anyone has many questions about the lineup of teams leaving the Premier League, and few are surprised by the flight of MJ past the European Cup zone. The top four looks pretty secure as well, as does the champion’s position. Many people may have their own opinions, diverging from the results of the supercomputer, nevertheless, it is impossible to call the final table from the AI inadequate.

It is interesting that once again a promising season for Arsenal becomes unchampionable. It seemed that after the failure in the last draw of the APL, the Canaries could take into account the mistakes and make the right conclusions. The minimal gap from the leader at the moment indicates just that. But the supercomputer is inexorable and believes that Zinchenko and other players will not be triumphant again. We will follow this with interest.

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Our prediction for the APL

As for the departed teams, here we will express solidarity with artificial intelligence. The positions of the second half of the top ten also do not raise questions – “Chelsea” will get into the European Cup, “Tottenham” will start to make mistakes, and “MJ” can hardly get out of the crisis quickly and gain momentum. “Newcastle and Aston Villa will really fight for the Champions League, but who will emerge victorious from this fight is quite difficult to predict

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