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Why Your Startup Needs Marketing? 5 Top Reasons!

by Sonal Shukla

Why Your Startup Needs Marketing? 5 Top Reasons!

A startup has the highest potential for growth. With the number of entrepreneurs rising, the startups have grown exponentially. The numbers indicate that there were 29000 startups in 2014 that rose to 55000 by the end of 2020.

The pandemic has played a major role in the rising number of start-ups. Since people have started working from home, they have got time to work on their dream projects simultaneously. A lot of people faced salary cuts or job loss which also contributed to helping them start something new. This something new resulted in startups. Hence, the number of startups has increased significantly and is still expected to rise even this year. But the question is, are all these startups successful?

Well, the answer is NO! There’s a lot of competition in the market in every possible field. To create your own space in the market, you need strong marketing skills. And with the advent of time and technology, this marketing has also taken up a digital face.

Here are 5 reasons that tell you why a startup cannot become successful if you do not invest in marketing.

  1. Understand the target audience

To set up any business and promote your product, the foremost step is to understand your target group. This helps you to understand your audience’s demands, needs, complaints, and experiences. It is difficult to track these things with conventional marketing methods. But with the digital marketing services India, it has become a cakewalk.

Digital media allows you to analyze the behavior of your target group. Along with this, it also provides you the biggest benefit of interacting with your audience. You can listen, engage, talk and inform your audience through these digital platforms. Moreover, you can also gain insights on the content you create. With the help of the right tools, understanding consumer behavior has become easy. This way you’ll be able to market your product the way your audience wants to see it.

  1. Building brand

When you post attractive and creative content on your digital platforms seo company chandigarh, it creates engagement with the audience. As a result, the traffic on your website has increased. This builds a bridge for a startup towards becoming a brand.

Increasing traffic on the digital platforms and website will ultimately result in increased sales. This will only happen if you handle your digital platforms professionally. If needed, add links to your work and keep communicating with your audience.

  1. Establishing trust among customers

Like said, social media helps you to understand consumer behavior. Once you do that, you’ll be able to market your product well and offer better customer service.

To do this, you not only need to be completely aware of your product and company but the customer’s expectations too. Today, every customer turns up to digital media platforms and reads online reviews before making a purchase.

Hence, your brand value is going to leave a major impact on their minds. Create content that can engage your audience with you so that it can build trust among your audience.

  1. Social media following

A proper marketing strategy is incomplete without social media campaigns. To run a digital campaign, you need to target new customers and retarget the old ones. This can be done with the help of proper tools and the right strategies. Such campaigns also help you to increase your revenue and customer base.

  1. Survive the competition

To fight the extreme competition in the market, you need to establish your presence. This has to be done both online and offline. While offline selling of products is important for enhanced customer service, the online approach will bring you more leads.

Always keep an eye on the competitor’s social media and track their strategies, successes, and even failures. You need to follow similar patterns to stick your foot in the market. But apart from those similarities, you need to create content that helps you appear as a unique brand.

Over to you…

For startups, it is difficult to spend on marketing aspects since they are majorly running out of funds. But these digital marketing methods are relatively inexpensive than the traditional ones and also help drive more results. It’s important for you to consider the pros and cons of both and then select the most impactful approach.



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