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Will Home Renovations Will Get Less Expensive In 2022?

by Sonal Shukla

Owning a home is a life’s dream come true for many. There is a lot of planning and deliberation before a person finally decides on purchasing a house.

Buying a home is an option that does not come cheap. After you buy a home, you need to improve and renovate the same over a period of time. The cost for the same is also spiralling. The major reason for this rise in the improvement cost is the shortage of common building materials that form core components for renovating a home. Also, the costs of paints are rising, which is adding to the cost of renovation of a house.

Why Has The Cost Of Renovation Gone Up?

At this point, we are all going through the global phenomenon of the pandemic. This unforeseen circumstance has become one of the major impediments to house renovation. Most of the supply chain mechanisms are bottlenecked due to the restrictions and lockdowns that have been imposed. Due to this, the cost of materials related to home renovation has gone up.

If you are planning to renovate your home without any pressing demand like selling off the existing house, you may keep your plan on hold for a few months before you get down to renovating your house.

Will Home Renovations Get Less Expensive In 2022?

As we are approaching 2022, you should hold on to your plans of renovating your home for a few months. The cost of renovation and improvements for your house is expected to come down in future. Some of the possible reasons in favour of this logic are as under:

·         In the coming months, the rage of the pandemic is expected to come down considerably.

·         The above will enable a smoother movement of goods and materials.

·         The backlog of logistics that may have built up over several months will start getting clear.

·         As the movement gets better, supplies of building materials will surely improve in the marketplace.

·         Smooth supplies of materials will surely reduce scarcity. Therefore, it will bring down the cost of procurement. This will directly impact the cost of renovation of your house.

·         With factories expected to be opening up, the manufacturing cost of essentially important home renovation products like paints, cement etc., are expected to come down. This will help in dropping your cost of renovation.

·         Another important component of house renovation is the availability of skilled labourers to carry out the work.

·         Due to the lockdown, there has been an acute shortage of labourers. This shortage has caused the rise in the cost of hiring them for the work of renovation.

·         In the coming year, as things are expected to get ironed out, the supply of skilled labourers will get regular. The supply of labourers will entail a reduction of cost. This is also going to reduce the cost of renovation of your home.

Whenever you get down to getting your house renovated, this will be a costly affair. There may be a situation where you feel the need for additional funds to foot the bill of renovation. All leading financial institutions have Personal Loan schemes for home renovation, which may help you in this situation.

Before you apply for a Personal Loan with any lending institution, it will be wise for you to check out the Personal Loan interest rates on offer. All you need to do is to access the online Personal Loan EMI calculator on the website of any of the financial institutions. There you will get a fair idea of the EMI that you are going to pay every month and will help you in your budgeting.

To sum up, it is advisable to defer your plans of renovating your house for a few months. You may execute your plan as things become normal gradually in 2022 and the cost of operations become less expensive.


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