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15 Things You Shouldn’t Do on an Airplane

by Sneha Shukla

15 Things You Shouldn’t Do on an Airplane

Falling asleep before a flight and sleeping through the entire flight is not a good idea. And here’s why. The most innocuous actions during a flight can turn into serious health problems and ruin half of your vacation. Some of them do not know or do not think even those who often travel by air. Our 15 tips will help you protect yourself and get the most out of your trip.

Forget Drinking Water

Although it is hardly noticeable, the environment in the airplane is different from what our body is used to. In particular, the air in the cabin is very dry. To avoid dehydration, you should drink as much pure non-carbonated water as possible. And the need to walk to the toilet during the flight is more a plus than a minus, but about that later.

Choose the Tail if You Have a Weak Vestibular Apparatus

When a ship hits a zone of turbulence, the “chattering” in the back of the plane is much stronger. Ever get seasick on a bus as a child, or get seasick on a ship? Try to take a seat as close to the cockpit as possible to avoid or at least minimize unpleasant feelings. It can be a bit more expensive, but you will notice that you will be much better. It’s definitely worth each penny you spend on this extra.

Sleep During Takeoff and Landing

During the flight people are disconnected from the real world. It is impossible to chat with friends, play at the online casino for real money, or communicate with colleagues on Zoom. That is why many people prefer to sleep through a boring flight and immediately find themselves on the spot. It is possible to doze off during the flight, but it is better to do it when you are already in the air. During takeoff and landing in the cabin pressure changes rapidly, which is why the ears stick up. You can avoid unpleasant feelings in your sleep, but not the strain on the body. Dizziness, nausea, and bloody nose can ruin the whole experience.

Drink Tap Water

That means ordering tea, coffee and iced drinks. Airplane water is not of the best quality and does not always meet safety requirements. The drinks and ice made from it may contain E. coli and other dangerous bacteria. It is better to be patient and have a good cup of coffee on arrival than to be treated for a long time.

Sit Still

Low blood pressure in the legs prevents blood from circulating properly through the veins, which increases the risk of blood clots. This is especially true if you have a heart condition. Don’t be lazy to get up, stretch, and walk to the bathroom. In addition, washing your hands on the plane is never superfluous. You can also do a little warm-up while sitting – lift your feet, step from foot to foot or from heel to toe.

Walk Barefoot or in Socks

Regardless of the country or airline, airplanes are rarely and not very thoroughly cleaned. Thousands of passengers can pass through the cabin in a day and bring fungus, bacteria, and germs on their feet. General cleaning is scheduled once a day, but do not count on it. If there is a long flight, it is better to take comfortable slippers. Upon arrival, they should be thoroughly washed.

Wear Contact Lenses

They dry the mucous membrane of the eyes and increase the effect of the already dry air, which is fraught with redness and discomfort. It is better to wear glasses on the flight and take lenses with you.

Turn off the Ventilation Above the Seat

During the flight it performs two important functions at once – it prevents bacteria and viruses from lingering around you for a long time and slightly humidifies the dry air. If it’s cold, it’s better to wear a jacket or sweater.

Put Food and Personal Items on the Recliner Without Wiping It Down

Especially those that come into contact with your mouth and face – glasses, cell phone, napkins, spoons, etc. The passengers who flew there before you may have put their feet on it, changed diapers, or been sick. Bring a pack of antibacterial wipes and wipe the table, buttons, handles, and anything else you can touch thoroughly – hands can also get bacteria and germs into your body.

Endure Malaise

If you feel unwell, you should tell the stewardess right away, without worrying that you will add to her troubles. Taking care of passenger safety and comfort is her job. There is a blood pressure monitor and medicines for various emergencies on board. A minor ailment in the air is twice as dangerous as on the ground, so it’s best to take action right away.

Abuse of Alcohol

The reason is again too dry air. Alcohol dehydrates the body even more, and champagne is preferable to plain water. In addition, the effects of alcohol increase during the flight. Even if you drink just a little, you can become very drunk.

Use Blankets and Pillows If They Aren’t Wrapped

They don’t really care about their cleanliness either – if they change them, it’s certainly not after every flight or even every day. You can not be sure that someone wrapped their legs in a blanket. In order not to get cold, it is better to take warm clothes in the cabin, and for a comfortable sleep – an inflatable pillow.

Touch Buttons, Knobs and Seat Belt 

It is not a good idea to grasp common objects unnecessarily. As on handrails on other public transport, germs accumulate here. To reduce the risk, wash or apply antibacterial gel to your hands more often. This way, you will avoid extra risks and ensure that everything you touch will not bring you any damage.

Refuse to Go to the Bathroom

It’s not healthy to be patient when you feel like it. And on an airplane it’s also fraught with infections. Of course we can’t talk about comfort here, but it’s better to go to the bathroom. At the same time, you will be able to stretch your legs.


There are more bacteria on the drain button, faucets, and toilet handles than on other items. It is better to use them with a tissue.

Eat Too Much

The pressure and noise of the engines dulls the receptors, so food on a plane seems unpalatable. To enhance the taste, it is often over-salted, which in itself is not very healthy. You shouldn’t eat out of boredom on a plane, only if you’re really hungry.

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