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3 Tips You Need to Know to Buy Best Battery for Inverter

by Sneha Shukla

3 Tips You Need to Know to Buy Best Battery for Inverter

An inverter battery is the power reserve of the entire unit and is responsible for delivering power to the inverter in the event of an outage.  Therefore, it’s important to get the best battery for inverter if you are looking to get the most efficient performance out of your inverter unit. But, as an end consumer, you may or may not have an idea of what makes one battery better than the other as there are several factors at play. 

In this article, we will be discussing the factors that you should look at when buying the best battery for inverter to get the maximum value for your money and so that you can easily find the best inverter battery for your unique power situation. 

Source: Luminous

Battery Capability 

The best battery for inverter isn’t the one that is working great for your friend, it’s the one that will work best for your home or office. That’s because your demand for power can vastly vary from that of your friends, and therefore, you need to keep a watch on the Ah of the battery. Ah basically stands for ampere-hours and is a key indicator of a battery’s backup duration, the greater the Ah, the more powerful the battery. So, while a 150 Ah battery might be great for running a few of the most typical household appliances such as a few LED lights, a couple of fans, and a television set; the same will not be as effective for running heavy appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, geysers, etc. if that’s the case for your home, then get a battery with a higher Ah to service your demand for power. 

Built Quality of the Battery

Check the manufacturing quality of the battery by paying attention to the process of how the battery’s been developed. This is essential if you are looking for the best battery for the inverter. Batteries made using the HADI technique, or high gravity type casting come with the best-built quality and will last you much longer compared to batteries manufactured using low-gravity or gravity type casting methods. So, if you want your inverter batteries to last longer and give you the best service life possible, then always buy the ones using the HADI technique as part of the manufacturing process. 

Battery Type 

Last but not the least, you would need to decide on the type of battery you would want to buy. The best battery for the inverter is available across 3 major types: 

  • Gel Battery: These are relatively new in the market, and therefore, cost a little more than the other as it’s a new technology. However, these batteries don’t release any harmful gases or fumes and are completely safe for homes with kids. 
  • Tubular Battery: These batteries are large and are best suited for homes with no space constraints. They are good for places with long and frequent power cuts and can easily run heavy-duty appliances. 
  • Flat Plate Battery: They are compact-sized batteries perfect for homes with space constraints and are great for areas with frequent and short power cuts. 

If you keep these 3 tips in mind, you should have no problems finding the best battery for inverter for your home. If you want you can check out Luminous’ product catalogue of exceptional inverter batteries to speed up inverter battery hunting, as you won’t need to look elsewhere due to the stellar manufacturing and quality control process that is part of their process. Moreover, you get excellent customer and technical support that ensures you have access to genuine spare parts, and personnel support to quickly fix any looming issues throughout the life cycle of the inverter battery. So, if you don’t want nothing short of the absolute best, don’t forget to check out their product catalogue right away! 

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