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6 Types Of Landscape Paintings To Buy Online

by Sneha Shukla

If you are someone who loves to breathe the serenity of nature but is trapped in the corporate world, then landscape paintings on your walls and on the desktop table can be a beautiful little escape. After all, landscape paintings online have given a wide arena of beautiful captures. From dusk to dawn, from lands to skies, landscape paintings can provide a plethora of everything. But another beautiful feeling is when you yourself can participate in the beauty of nature by finding your kinda landscape painting. Indeed, this is the best way to observe nature. If you want to think about getting one, then here are some of the painting mediums that you can get your hands on.Canvas n Decor offers custom framed canvas prints that reflect your unique style. Infuse personality into your space with art that resonates on a personal level.

Different Mediums Of Landscape Paintings Online To Try Out

Here are some of the painting mediums that can have a beautiful impact on your art wall.

Oil Paint:

Oil paint is one of the best mediums for creating landscapes. This is why it is commonly used in landscape paintings. This gives a beautiful exposure to the painting and helps to highlight every color of nature. Oil paints allow to create a range of textures, and mixing with the hues, making it versatile enough for all kinds of tone. Moreover, oil paints give the best color variations because these can be mixed with the brush, with the hands, and several other tools. This is why, oil landscape painting on a canvas is one of the finesse creations to adorn your wall.

Acrylic Paint:

Acrylic paints involve a palette full of vibrant colors, giving it enough loop to mix well. There are countless landscape paintings that are made with acrylic colors, simply because its vibrancy can be felt both on-screen and off-screen. These paintings can be done on oil sheets as well as canvas, because the texture of the base is an enhancement to the painting itself. People love to have multiple acrylic paintings in multiple sizes for creating a picturesque collage on the wall.


If you want to find a delicate and ethereal landscape, then watercolor painting medium can surely be a beautiful choice. Many landscape paintings online that are made of water colour give inspiration about how the transparency of the colors gives an idea about the flowing lights and colors in the paintings. If you want to see the best effects of watercolors, then you must find a dedicated water colour painting on a water colour sheet itself. The texture of the sheet ensures enough water and color absorption, perfect mixing of tones, and a beautiful transparency that no other color can ever give. This is why water colour paintings take a person close to nature with the realistic effects of lights and tones.

Pastel Color:

There are mainly two types of pastel colors, i.e. oil pastels and dry pastels. But, if you want to install a beautiful and vibrant landscape painting on your wall, then dry pastels can be the choice. These pastels are magical for blending all the tones and lights on the sheets. Most importantly, these art pieces come with hard and soft variations, making them utterly natural and gorgeous.


If you want to give a theatrical feel to the monochromatic world, then charcoal pencils can be the magic wand for you. After all, these paintings are soft, earthly, and take you closer to landscape, just with the tone of pencils. You can buy charcoal landscape art that serve the supreme texture in the monochromatic world.

Pencil Shading:

If you want to buy a detailed landscape painting after you have observed your toes in the waves of the beach and your eyes swallowing the lights of sunsets in the water, then pencil shading can be the easiest medium. These sketches only want to capture the moment and not get into any other materialistic thing, making a sketch that feels close to nature.

These are the common mediums that can create everything that you have found under landscape paintings online. With this, here are some added secrets about the uniqueness of any painting. Here is how.

Secrets Behind The Serene Landscape Paintings Online

Don’t Struggle In Symmetry

Landscape paintings are free from symmetry. You do not have to ensure round trees, curvy water waves and triangular huts. An authentic landscape painting is more about creating a feeling rather than creating a shape. This is why, most of the landscape paintings online do not follow the criterion of accurate shapes, instead the mixes of lights, colors, shades, and tones speak more than the symmetry.

Contrast With The Oil And Acrylic Colors

Many people fear oil colors because it does not allow fine lines and do not dry easily. But acrylic paints can come to the rescue here. Artists use thin brushes to apply fine lines with acrylic colors. This will not mix with the oil paint and emphasize on the lines and tones, just the way you like. Applying thin acrylic lines after the oil paint has dried, helps to avoid any mishaps and create a clean and clear painting.

Watercolor Problems Can Be Cured With Panpastels

Talking about mishaps, excessive water usage and dispersion of the watercolor is one of the most common problems that occur in the watercolor medium. So, to avoid such problems, artists even use pan pastels. Its fine tone, pigments, and ability to highlight the watercolor base make it a beautiful addition. It can correct the mishaps so that no one will ever be able to spot it in the landscape paintings.

If you are planning to buy a serene landscape all by yourself, then these are the mediums that you can trust easily. In fact, you can even buy landscape paintings online from artist hubs like Artoreal. This place has all the epitomes of the landscape provided by professional artists. Dive into the serenity of the beautiful landscapes introduced on this online platform. You will love it!

Make your home walls, office desks, bedroom wall, and patio the closest to nature with so many blissful landscapes right online. You will love it to the most. For all the types of artistic beauty, visit Artoreal. The one-stop shop for all the art enthusiasts.

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