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7 Types Of Men’s Underwear You Should Know About

by Sneha Shukla

7 Types Of Men’s Underwear You Should Know About

It is a well-known fact that women have multiple varieties of lingerie to choose from. However, what surprises most people is that men also have as many, if not more, types of underwear they can go for.

We have compiled a list to make you aware of the multiple types of men’s underwear available in the market and help you decide the ones you must have in your collection. In addition, this guide includes tips for men on choosing the right type of underwear according to their styles. 



Briefs are the most popular type of men’s underwear, and almost all men own one of these. They provide high rise coverage to your waist but leave your upper thighs exposed. 


Because of their versatility, Briefs are super comfortable, and you can wear them under any outfit. This type of underwear is also available in various rises, styles, and sizes. The waistband on low rise briefs sits right at your natural waistline, while the waistband of mid rise briefs sits just below your waist. Meanwhile, full rise briefs provide you with a smoother stomach by concealing your love handles.


Boxer shorts

This type of men’s innerwear is characterised by its loose fit. Boxer shorts are best suitable for men who are looking for breathable underwear rather than solid support.If you’re looking for underwear to wear under loose pants or pyjamas, this should be your go-to option. Most boxer shorts have an open fly.


Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs, also known as trunks, are a type of undergarment that resemble boxer shorts but are tight in fit. This men’s underwear is a hybrid of briefs and boxer shorts. Boxer briefs are commonly worn for sports or the gym because they prevent your thighs from chafing. However, you can also wear them as everyday underwear under your jeans or other casual clothes.



As the name suggests, this underwear is designed for jocks, athletes, and men who engage in rigorous physical activities. It has a pouch design in the front which provides maximum support. During cycling, martial arts, and other sports where you might suffer injuries to the penis and testicles, you can insert cups into the pouch.



Yes, you read it right! Guys can wear thongs as well. Although thongs don’t provide any coverage for men, they are essential if you plan on wearing tight pants. This is because they prevent you from getting any underwear lines.A G-string or a broader T-shaped thong are both acceptable options for men. The former has a thin waistline that also serves as a waistband attached to the main fabric, whilst the latter has a larger waistband with additional front covering. The best part is that you can wear them with almost any outfit.



A tanga is quite similar to a G-string, with the exception that the waistbands are slightly thicker, and a tanga provides considerable frontal coverage and support. Because it hides noticeable underwear lines, it’s best worn with pants or while dressing up.



A tight is a men’s underwear type that is made of elastic and is worn during vigorous exercise. Often, they are tight and cling to your skin, protecting your muscles from wear and tear. Wear them to work out, cycle, run or engage in other sporty activities.

Although briefs and boxer shorts are the staple items, these aren’t the only types of underwear available for men. Adding a pair of jockstraps, or thongs can light up your underwear collection and even help boost your confidence.Try out the different types of innerwear from XYXX, the best brand for men’s apparel in India, and select the ones that work best for you.

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