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Amazon Kindle Scribe review

Amazon Kindle Scribe review

by Ravi Sharma

The Kindle Scribe is a device that can be used to write on paper sheets via stylus and voice recognition technology. It is marketed by Amazon as a tool for their “Kindle Digital Textbook”. The idea of using an inexpensive device such as this in college classes seems like a good idea however it does not hold up to what the company promises or delivers.

The Scribe comes in a variety of colors, styles, and price ranges. It has separate models for the Kindle 2, 3G, and the Kindle DX. The most popular model is the Scribe for $99; this one is favored because of its extra stylus and is able to be used with more than just the standard Kindle novel. However, this is only a feature to help you use it more effectively on your devices. The Scribe features a stylus, which is great for students’ note taking and it helps to eliminate having to use a pen or pencil. However, what works well for the devices may not work as well in class. The stylus itself will not be enough to help you focus on the lecture but even that can have an effect.

The main issue with this device is that the way it’s supposed to be used does not translate well into an actual classroom setting. The device requires the use of a microphone and software so that students can take notes on their textbooks. However, there is no way to directly input onto the device electronically. To write on your textbook with the Kindle Scribe you must first type the content into your computer and transfer it over to your Kindle Scribe via USB connection. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot write in class using the Kindle Scribe and then transfer it over later in order to save time; it just isn’t practical for busy students.

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