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An effortless way to purchase second hand bikes

by Sneha Shukla

An effortless way to purchase second hand bikes

Motorcycles have an important role to play on the local population travels daily. With road space posing a significant challenge of sorts, two wheelers pose a viable challenge to encounter the challenges that you face on the road. The purchase of a first-hand bike might not be in your favour as the budget may shoot up. Mostly travelling on motor cycles has turned out to be an affordable option for the masses. Considering all the above pointers a second hand bike site purchase might be a worthy idea.

The list of manufacturers in the market is long and endless who is looking to occupy a share of yours in the market. It is fair to say that as a buyer you are spoilt for choices. Obviously you would not want to spend big bucks when it comes to a brand new motor cycle, a second hand bike might turn out to be a practical option as well. It is all taking into consideration if you are aware about the when and how to the answer.

First and foremost you need to understand the reasons for you owning a bike. It might be that you need a bike to commute to your place of work on a daily basis. You do not want to travel in public transport and looking to save time. Sometimes the bike could be a secondary mode of transport an you may require for travelling short distances. In some  cases it may be your childhood dream to drive a certain version of a bike as the time might be right to procure one.

The moment you are aware on what you are looking for, it is right to decide on the budget. Segment is also going to depend upon the budget that you could be having. Take note of the fact the new a bike is better condition would be the bike in terms of maintainenace. Cruisers is going to require more maintainenace but their rid happens to be worthy on all counts.

The places where you may find second hand bikes

Dealers are the first place where you can find a second hand bike.  There is a strong possibility that you have obtained a machine that is properly checked. A second hand dealer inspects the inventory before they purchase the vehicle. Since they have to sell it at some point of time later they would be checking on the basic points of purchase.

If you are purchasing from a private dealer it would enable you to save some amount of money but there is a degree of risk involved. If you possess the experience or levels of knowledge or have been a bike owner it is possible to evaluate the options and purchase a second hand bike as per your requirements.

Inspection of the bike

Be on time when it comes to inspection of the bike. During the day it is better to conduct the visual inspection as with natural light you can check out all the components of the bike properly. It is better if you could take someone along with you who has an experience of riding a bike. For starters a second opinion is going to hold you in good stead apart from your primary one. It is suggested that you comply with all the rules and not resort to any form of fancy number plates.

Undertake a proper research about the flaws of the bike if there is any. When you are searching on a second hand bike site it appears an important area to address. This gives you an idea to gain knowledge about the bike whom you have owned it.

  • Brakes- the smooth operation of the bikes is vital, the age of the brake pad and make sure there is no form of pulsing.
  • Oil leakage- around the engine check out the areas of oil leakage. For example if a bike has been washed recently the portion that has oil leakage would shine more as compared to the other regions. Even check out the service details of the bike till date
  • Clutch-The lever effort is to be checked and when it is released are vital pointers. The entire operation has to be undertaken in an effortless manner.
  • Rust and corrosion- In bike fumes there might be corrosion or rust and you need to observe it. Though surface rust is not a cause of concern, but deep rust along with crumbling iron flakes turn out to be a concern, indicating that the bike has not been maintained in a proper way.
  • Chain- check out the condition of the pocket along with the chain. In fact the s pocket should not be showing any signs of damage or wear and tear. Just go on to rotate the wheel and you may hear the sound of the chain. The reason being all of them has to be in uniform motion
  • Tires- with tires they need to have uniform thread across the entire surface as it may indicate signs of uneven damage along with wear and tear
  • Chassis- it is necessary to conduct a proper inspection of the chassis to deeply inspect the marks. Do check out for the fresh paint as it may showcase the fact that the bike has meet with an accident or not.
  • Battery and electrical works- check out all the electrical and battery works to determine whether they appear to be in perfect condition.
  • Fuel tank- just open the fuel tank and check out for corrosion and any type of rust. Do not commit the mistake of checking it with a lighter or match box as the impact could be severe.

To conclude purchase of a second hand bike might be a worthy option. This is going to be the case when you do not have cash to purchase a first – hand one. Take time to research the options and decide which is the bike that you are looking to purchase.

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