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Ariel Camacho

Ariel Camacho, Lead Singer of Los Plebes Del Rancho, Dies at 22

by Sonal Shukla

Mexican singer Ariel Camacho died in a car crash Wednesday on a highway outside Sinaloa, Mexico.

According to Billboard, the 22-year-old was traveling to promote a deluxe edition of his most recent album El Karma when he was hurt in a traffic accident.

Angel Del Villar, Expressed His Heartbreak Over the Passing of Ariel Camacho

The president of the Regional Mexican label, Angel Del Villar, expressed his heartbreak over the passing of Ariel Camacho. “I knew he would change the genre in Mexico and the US. Millions of people would have developed admirers and learned about the person I did.

Camacho performed in the Sierreno musical style as the lead singer of the group Los Plebes del Rancho, which included a trio of musicians playing acoustic guitars, bass, and accordions. DEL Records’ publication of El Karma brought Camacho a devoted following for his smooth vocals and deft guitar work.

Corridos have existed for a very long time, according to Wald. They were songs about courageous gunfighters, and Prohibition was actually major news for courageous gunfighters in the border region in the 1920s. The earliest significant alcohol smuggling operations involved drugs.

According to Wald, many of the drug cartels of today began as bootlegger gangs during Prohibition. The cartels first began smuggling illegal substances in the 1930s, after the US legalized alcohol once more.

Wald claims that the grupero-style narcocorridos played by Camacho are a particular subgenre of Sinaloan music. “Everywhere, the traditional, vintage sound was only guitars and singers, and the traditional Sinoalan sound is brass bands.”

Members of Los Plebes Del Rancho Were a Tuba Player and Two Guitarists

The only members of Los Plebes del Rancho were a tuba player and two guitarists. Camacho played the 12-string requinto guitar. According to Wald, the group pays respect to El Canelo y Los Dos del Sitio, another band that, roughly 15 years ago, pioneered the practice of playing with just two guitars and a tuba.

I anticipated it would be a one-time novelty, but it became popular, he claims.

Camacho was known for performing narcocorridos, but he was also regarded as a crooner. “Hablemos,” one of his best successes, is a ballad.

He was only 22 years old, a handsome young man who had a strong love attraction, and that is a significant factor, according to Wald. “Narcocorridos, like gangster rap, has primarily been a boys’ style, but it’s obvious that he was a guy who attracted young women.”

On his Facebook page on Tuesday, Camacho posted what is now his last video greeting to his followers. He wrote, “March 13th in Santa Rita, I want to encourage all my beautiful people in Chihuahua to come to visit us.” “I’m looking forward to seeing all of my people there, especially the gorgeous gals. A big kiss to every one of them!

Singer-Songwriter Was Well-Known for His Guitar Prowess and Smooth Vocals

Born Jose Ariel Camacho Barraza, the singer-songwriter was well-known for his guitar prowess and smooth vocals on acoustic tunes that portrayed the life of his Mexican music fans. The young musician had developed a fan base thanks to his YouTube videos and live performances. Camacho released his debut album on DEL Records, El Karma, in collaboration with his band Los Plebes del Rancho.

The disaster, according to sources in the Mexican media, was caused by the conductor’s driver going too fast. 80-meter-long brake marks discovered on the side of the road next to a curve served as a visual cue to this. In the midst of El Ranchito, a Honda Accord ended up being driven into a canal.

The incident took place at around two in the morning, just after that association’s presentation at the 2015 Carnival Mocorito in the same Mexican state came to an end.

Camacho was involved in another car accident in Guamuchil, Sinaloa, in 2014. This was brought on at the time by speeding and drunk driving.

His untimely passing is being mourned by friends and colleagues on social media, including Larry Hernandez and Chiquis Rivera.

Ariel Camacho, a vocalist, and a 22-year-old plus three other crew members were hurt in the incident; one of them eventually passed away in the hospital.

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