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Best 3-reel Slots Which you Can Play Online

by Sneha Shukla

Best 3-reel Slots Which you Can Play Online

Slots and games of chance are of many types and categories. Depending on the players’ preferences, these games of chance may be suitable for certain strategies or styles of play. Slots are also of several types, and the criteria that differentiate them are many. First of all, the game screen is the first thing you come into contact with when playing slots. It is the biggest graphic effect of these games, and the way it is organised can be a criterion for differentiation. And today we are talking about one type of game screen, the one with 3 reels. Read on to find out which are the coolest 3 reel slots you can play online!

Break da Bank

Break da Bank is the main slot we thought of when we made this top, because it is characterised not only by the 3 reel game screen but also by the fact that it was launched in 2022. So, for an online casino, this slot could be the best example of a slot with the coolest graphics effects, the coolest features, and the best way to play online today. Break da Bank is a 3 reel slot with 5 pay lines where the maximum bet is 250 units. Even if you bet with USD, your maximum bet will be $250. There are no bonus rounds in this slot, but the maximum payout that can be offered to any player is 2400 credits.

Break da Bank does not have a progressive jackpot, but there is still a jackpot that can be won at any time. The developer of this slot is Microgaming, and the main theme that you will recognise during the game sessions is that of wealth and money. The symbols on the 3 reels are representative of this theme. The RTP in Break da Bank is 95.75%, a figure that does not convince you that the performance is excellent, but the slot offers wild symbols, has a standard design that you are already used to, and can be played even from a mobile phone. There is still a lot to say about the Break da Bank slot, but you have to find out some details yourself.

Couch Potato

Couch Potato is another slot that was launched in 2022, and it seems that a trend has already been created for these 3-reel slots because people need games that are as simple as possible, but with the most modern and attractive graphics. Couch Potato is a very interactive, high-quality slot with a fairly high RTP. The RTP percentage is 97.43%, and the maximum amount that can be won as a jackpot in this slot is 75,000 credits. The slot has a single pay line, and thanks to this great RTP, we can expect to see a lot of winnings even with a single pay line.


Couch Potato was developed by Microgaming, and the manufacturer has chosen to apply to this slot a classic theme much appreciated by all players. Players benefit from a modern slot machine that is extremely reliable for mobile phones.

Triple Diamond

With a name containing three diamonds, the slot created by IGT has been extremely successful since its launch. What we can say about this slot is that, unlike the Couch Potato which only offers one pay line, Triple Diamond offers 9 paylines. The RTP of this slot is 95.06%, a percentage that is quite specific for slots with 3 reels. This slot gives you a chance to win a jackpot that gives you about 1200x your stake. Among the most important things you will encounter if you play this slot, is a very small variant, which translates into a win-win gaming experience. Almost every spin ends up giving players a win.


Triple Diamond is a classic slot that focuses heavily on player success. And this is characterized not only by earnings but also by relaxing events and funny or entertaining sessions. Triple Diamond has it all and is a full 3-reel slot.

Wheel of Wealth

In the case of this slot, we will go directly to the most important things it offers. You probably already understand that we are only talking about 3-reel slots, and Wheel of Wealth is an excellent example. The most interesting things we can say about this slot is that it offers a very attractive bonus, the wild symbols come bundled with multipliers that offer 4x rewards, the theme is complex enough to keep you on the screen, and the theme of the game is retro.


Unfortunately, Wheel of Wealth does not offer a bonus feature that offers free spins, nor is it a slot that is available for mobile phones. Otherwise, the game is excellent.

Double Triple Chance

Double Triple Chance allowed us to take a closer look at a manufacturer that has so far failed to stand out with many products launched internationally. Merkur Gaming is responsible for launching this slot, and thanks to them, we also have the opportunity to take a closer look at medium-volatility slots, with a bonus gamble mode, but also with 5 pay lines that develop an RTP of 96.55 %.


The symbols that you will see on this game screen are the ones that will entertain you the most, and thanks to this set of features, we highly recommend this game.


These are the best 3-reel slots we can recommend to you in 2022. If you know more or need more information, write to us in the comments.


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