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Best Air Conditioner Brands in India in 2023

by Sneha Shukla

India is known for its tropical climate, which makes using air conditioners essential for many people in their everyday life. There are so many AC brands in the market that choosing the best air conditioner brands in India can often be challenging. However, some brands have already established themselves as the best in the market. Such a categorization is based on performance, durability, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

 List of the Best air conditioner brands

The list of India’s top 10 best air conditioner brands includes models in different capacities from international and domestic brands, each with unique selling points. These air conditioner brands offer many options in terms of capacity, features and price range to suit the requirements of different customers. 

Hence, someone looking for a 1-ton room air conditioner will get a suitable model. Similarly, you will get an option to purchase the best AC 2 ton capacity. You will find premium brands like Daikin and Mitsubishi to more affordable Voltas and Lloyd in this list. So there is something for everyone.

 In addition to a wide choice of air conditioner models, these brands also offer high-quality after-sales service and efficient customer support across the country. With the latest technologies like inverter compressors, intelligent features, and air purifiers, these brands are consistently evolving to improve the AC experience for their customers.


The following are the Best air conditioner brands in India:



 Panasonic is one of the leading AC brands with a wide range of consumer electronics, including air conditioners. It is considered one of the best AC brands because of its focus on innovation, energy efficiency, and high-quality products. Their models have unique features like inverter technology, air purification, and easy-to-use controls. They provide a relaxed and comfortable environment by eliminating harmful pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.



 Carrier is another leading AC brand in India known for its high-tech and energy-efficient products. It offers several models of air conditioners that fulfil various needs of customers. Carrier brands of ACs are known for their innovative features, durable design, and latest technology. It offers the best AC 2-ton capacity in the split category, suitable for residential and commercial spaces.



 Samsung is an international brand in the electronic industry and has also made a good reputation in the air conditioning market. It has a wide range of models that cater to buyers from different market segments and budgets. Samsung ACs are famously known for their user-friendly features, advanced technology, and high energy efficiency ratings. 

The company offers split and window AC models for homes and offices. Its top models use cutting-edge technologies like the Wind-Free Cooling feature, which provides uninterrupted cooling by maintaining the desired temperature without direct airflow.



 LG is also one of the best air conditioner brands in India. Their models are known for their energy efficiency and high performance. It offers several models of air conditioners, including window ACs, split ACs, and portable ACs, with valuable features like inverter technology, dual inverter compressors, a 4-way swing, and more. LG ACs have innovative features like Mosquito Away Technology and Himalaya Cool Technology that provide high-quality cooling and stand out from other AC brands.

 LG ACs also have innovative features which allow them to be controlled through a mobile app. Such a feature makes it very convenient for users to manage their air conditioners from just anywhere. LG has become one of the most preferred models for residential and commercial customers due to its efficient and reliable products. It has an excellent image for providing efficient after-sales services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, which makes all its customers happy.

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