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Casino Websites Guide: Top Features of Betway Casino Behind its Popularity

by Sonal Shukla

Betway is one of those casinos that does not require any introduction. It was established in the year 2006 and till now it has made its name and has gained popularity in the online casino industry. At this time Betway casino comes under the world-class provider of casino and sports betting. A lot of players who do know the name and popularity of this casino are curious to know the services of this casino. The popularity of casinos is not gained from being in the business for long but it is based on the overall experience and features that it offers to all the players.

Betway casino best features

The features of Betway casino are less known by the people. The expert players of gambling stated that most of the players play on the sites that are popular without looking into the services and offers that it provides. So here is a detailed informative guide for you to learn about all the elements of Betway casino and its super user friendly technology that are responsible for its popularity and that keep all the players highly satisfied. Take a look at the success of Betway so that you can also play on this platform and avail all the benefits that are provided by this casino.

Bonuses and offers of Betway

Previously Betway used to have bonuses that were based on the wagering amount. As they learned that players do not like this so they started offering a new Flexi bonus system. This new offer is limited to all the new players that provide them with multiple offers to utilize them within the games. Look at some of these available bonuses that you can enjoy at Betway.

Flexi bonus offer

Flexi bonuses are focused on allowing the withdrawal of the cash balance regardless of any kind of wagering requirements. This allows all the players to walk with any amount they want and whenever they want without any wagering cost. Here the wagering requirement is only present in some games and the terms and conditions are already stated in every Betway bonus. As per the study conducted by casinowebsites.in, a lot of gamblers miss the chance to claim the bonus as they do not read the policies and new updates.

Welcome Bonus

Betway offers the welcome bonus in a very unique manner. The amount of the bonus entirely depends on how the player arrived at the site, for example if they have come through their own search or from any recommended source then the amount of bonus differs. All the players get the bonus on the first fourth deposits that they make on the website. Take a look at these  Betway bonuses:

● The first deposit provides a 100% match that is up to $400. The minimum deposit can be of $10.
● The second deposit provides a 100% match that is also up to $400 with the same minimum amount.
● The third deposit gives a 100% match bonus that is up to $400 and the minimum amount to deposit for any bonus is the same which is $10.

Online Slots at Betway

When it comes to online slots, Betway makes the claims that they are providing this service since 2006 so they really know everything related to it. You will find a variety of online slots in Betway. Here are some of those slots and their descriptions to give you a proper insight into the services.

Classic slots

The classic slot is the most common slot found in every online casino. These are the slots that are best for beginners and every expert every now and then also loves to play in these slots. All of these classic games are present with three reels so it’s up to the player to choose the one they like. These slots provide the gamblers with the vibes and live experience of a real casino.

Video slots

Online casinos need to provide the best video animations and graphics so that the players enjoy their experience instead of betting without any interest or entertainment. Betway has a unique element where they have 3D graphics along with technology through which the players get a great experience and also perfect music and soundtrack for casinos games.

Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are the ones that you should never miss or avoid as they are the games through which you can win a huge amount of money. These slots require the very low amount to bet on the game and further, the winning amount is very huge. The lowest deposit in the game can be $5 and the winning amount is often in thousands and millions.

Mobile slots

Betting requires comfort and peace so that you can play by using your mind and can keep your entire focus on the game. Most of the games on this website offer the services

Popular games at Betway

Gamblers always have a variety of options to choose from. At this time there are unlimited websites and unlimited games available but there still are some games that can never get old. The popular games are enjoyed by all the experts, and also the beginners that have just entered the online casino. Most casino websites have some versions of popular games. In Betway, you will find a variety of categories and versions of these games that makes the experience more exciting.


Roulette is one of those games that are played and enjoyed by all gamblers at least once in their life. The fan base of this game is quite high which resulted in the developers coming up with more versions of this game. Betway stands out among all the competitors as it not only offers Roulette but also offers Immersive Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and Instant Roulette.

Betway in Roulette provides a fast-rate gaming experience along with some multi-camera immersive views. As you will be playing with other real people, so you will find the option of live chat where you can talk while competing in the game.


Blackjack is a banking casino game that is played across the globe. This game is famous for centuries and people have been playing this game in real casinos for decades. On Betway, you will find 27 different varieties of Blackjack. You will some popular varieties such as Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Atlantic City Blackjack.

Live Casino

Live casino games have their own charm. There is nothing better than playing with the real casino, chatting with them, and getting the real experience of casinos. With Betway, you will find the option of Live and Real casinos. Betway offers real dealers in every table that you can also see on the screen as they are being live-streamed throughout the game.

Live casinos are the best choice as you do not have to make a plan to go to a real casino and wait for the new table to start. All you need to do is to grab up your phone, chose the live table you want, and play while being on your comfy sofa. In this live casino, you can find live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, live three-card poker, live casino hold ’em, andar bahar live and live three-card poker.


E-sports betting is getting more attention as compared to the sports betting. In the new generation, the interest lies more with the e-games and they want to participate to present their gaming skills. The players can find some very interesting and popular games such as Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rainbow 6, Dota 2, and Overwatch. These are some of the games, apart from these there is a large variety of them you can find on the website. Look at the short description of these games to understand what you can enjoy while playing at Betway.

Counter Strike

Betway is very much focused on providing the people with CS:GO version. Betway has done its coverage in some major events along with sponsoring the biggest teams that are present in the esports. Betway works in the events such as ESL Pro League, IEM Katowice, and Blast Premier that making this site the sole destination for these events and live streaming.

With CS:Go the players can easily keep the track of the games, bet on their favorite esport player, and can win the games.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the favorite games of esports enthusiasts and it is rare to find these in many casinos. Betway live streams and features all Dota 2 matches and major tournaments that happen. These tournaments include StarLadder i-League, Dota 2 international, and the annual Dota Summit.

People who belong to the esports industry love to watch the best famous teams such as Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, and Virtus Pro all were in action. Apart from your favorite team and game, Betway also offers the following

League of Legends

Players can play and bet on multiple LoL leagues such as the CBLoL, LVP, LCK, NAL, TPL, and LMS, etc. All you need to do is make a right decision for yourself and support the right team.

Other major tournaments

Betway understands the different interests that people have regarding esports. There are some other games too in which people are very much interested. In Betway, you will find all of these variations. There are Formula1 betting events, World Snooker Championship, Horse racing betting, Wimbledon tennis betting, Premier League betting, NBA betting, Scandinavian Ice Hockey, NHL, and NFL betting, etc.


This popular and famous casino offers highly authentic and ultimate betting with some jackpot games. Jackpots are something that a gambler should never avoid as it’s all about luck and one luck can make them a millionaire with the amount of only 10 EUR which is the lowest amount to enter in the jackpot.

Betway offers the progressive jackpots which mean that the jackpot price continues to increase until someone finally wins it and then the entire amount goes to them directly. There are three types of progressive jackpot games present at Betway. Inside these categories, you can further find more options to opt from.

Look at the three available options of progressive jackpots:

Mega Moolah

This is the largest jackpot that is very rare to find in any other casino. This jackpot is available in the video poker offers and video slots in which the winning prize is in millions. Till now with Mega Moolah, players have won the amount of up to $7 million. At this time, if you open the African safari-themed slot, then you still have the chance to take a part and win the amount of $2.5 million.

Major Millions

Major millions offer an amount up to $1 million and can be found in the section of a progressive game category.

Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile jackpot can be enjoyed by the people who play Treasure Nile and can win an amount of up to $75,000.

License of Betway

Online casinos get the license to show that they are following all the legal rules of betting. The license shows that the website is authentic and have fair gaming experience for all the players. As for Betway, it is a licensed casino that is authorized by Malta gaming Authority.

You can find the licensed casino sites but not many of them have shown their license. In Betway, the website also has the license that anyone gets access to. One unique thing about this casino is that they only provide their services in those countries where gambling is legal. They do not provide their services to other countries. For this reason, you can take a look in your countries rules about online casino and gambling.

For the countries where Betway gambling is legal, there are still some rules and regulations that have to be followed. In this case, Betway advises people to first take a look into the rules of their country, the jurisdictions that they have and then play by accepting the terms and conditions.

Creating an account

Betway casino pays full attention to the details and ensures that nothing unfair happens. It is very difficult for any third person to hack or enter any game or bet. To make the platform more authentic there are some verification steps that are requiredwhile registering on the casino website.

First, the person should be at least 18 years old. If the residing country of the individual has 20 age limit then they should be above that to use the gaming services of Betway. At the time of registration, all the individuals are asked to add in their personal details that include name, date of birth, and address.

Most of the times this information is enough but sometimes if the website observes that it is misinformation then they ask for identification documents. It can be driving license, passport or national identity card. For residence address, a website can ask for utility bills that is not older than three months. Lastly, to confirm the amount used for banking, the website can ask for a bank account statements, debit card or credit card.

Remember that this information is only asked when there is some doubt in the profile. If the documents are not provided in the time limit then the profile is terminated and you will not be able to play, or withdraw the amount.

Payment methods

Betway gambling and betting is all about money and if the players are caught up in a difficult transaction process then what’s the point of gambling. Every casino understands that it is necessary to provide people with the easiest and convenient method of transaction so that they stay loyal to their website.

At Betway, players can withdraw the money anytime they want once they have completed all the requirements related to wagering. This casino has to give the fees with every payment so that have made the amount of minimum withdrawal to be 10 EUR. While withdrawing you can be asked about any identification to ensure that the amount is getting into the hands of the right person. It has multiple payment options like Skrill, Gpay, Neteller etc.

Withdrawals and deposits only take 72 hours, if you have done the transaction during the weekend then it can take more than 72 hours. There is always customer service available so in the case of any query, players can easily contact them. These features of Betway casino are the mostly recognised and favorite layout of all players. ​

Betway’s customer service

People who have been playing with Betway gambling for a long time and who have experience playing in a real casino always seek some help and service from a third party. These players used to be having a dealer in the real casino who ensures that everything is proper, there is no cheating and also answers all kinds of queries of the players. In the similar manner, Betwayhas also provided all of their customer service that they believe is highly needed by all the players.

When it comes to customer complaints, Betway treats them as the main priority.

In some cases, there are chances that the players are unable to reach customer service. It is recommended that a formal complaint can be raised withe details and all the proofs. The problem and the error have to be submitted in the time span of six months. Betway is not responsible if the time limit ends and the player then makes a complaint. There are multiple options that include email address, PO box, direct calling on the landline, or phone number.


You will not find the section of laws, jurisdictions, and liabilities under any online casino. In this manner, a lot of casinos also do scam in which they impose the laws and policies afterward and the player has to pay the amount afterward.

In Betway, nothing is hidden. All the policies are explained on the website. Betway is not liable for the payment on some occasions or events. Look at these conditions:

● When the individual face any kind of personal injury or death
● When an individual faces any kind of fraud in their personal life
● Betway is also not liable for any statutory rights.

Rights of the Betway players

You might not know it but Betway provides all its players with the rights. You can even make a case against Betway as the players have these rights. Look at the list of all the rights that you have the power of:

● All the services by Betway are provided with high skill and care, if otherwise then players can make complaints
● Betway is liable towards paying for any kind of repair or any compensation if the player faces any issue with the device after getting access to this casino website or application.

Betway’s success summary

Some prefer to travel while some prefer to watch movies and some prefer to gamble. But, it is true that in the online gaming industry, most of the new entrants are focused upon generating money instead of meeting the requirements and demands of the gamblers. The features of betway casino have successfully remained focused upon looking in depth towards the needs of tha players and have provided them with all the opportunities to play at a safe and secure platform

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