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Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving

by Sneha Shukla

Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving


Conventional wooden shelves have long replaced stainless steel wall shelves, which are often used to store any equipment at home, in restaurants and in the kitchens of the food unit. Accessories and utensils are completed in shelves of different types. Commercial kitchen wall shelving completely repeat their predecessors in shape, appearance, but still has more advantages. The main difference is the material, namely the steel sheet in the form of a shelf surface. The complete difference is in the material that is used to make such shelves. 

Сommercial kitchen wall shelving must fully comply with sanitary standards. They are easy to clean, do not lose their appearance over time, the configuration is also not sufficiently rusty. These racks are correct now the result of maintaining the internal profile is also attached in each suitable area. Also, ordinary cabinets are not always convenient for storage, when a stainless restaurant shelving is the best solution. Many products or accessories for food processing are present in the kitchen, which just needs convenient storage and can be quickly reached.


Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving Types 

Storing products or equipment is not the only function of steel wall shelves. They can also be with a pressure lock, with an additional grid for drying dishes. But for this it is important to determine what exactly you need, where it will be located, what is the area of ​​the room. Only after all the factors you can decide on the choice of stainless steel shelf purchase, and the main ones are as follows:

  • The standard shape of stainless restaurant shelving is a rectangle. On the sides, on request, you can add a skirting board, which does not allow products and equipment to fall.
  • The average depth of the shelf is from 40 centimeters, but if desired, this figure varies. For more capacity, a certain depth is calculated, it all depends on the loaded shelf.
  • The number of shelves is generally taken from a total of four pieces to a professional kitchen or restaurant.

There are single-tier, two-tier and three-tier wall shelves. If the design of the shelf is closed, then special wire stands are installed inside to install the plates. With a collapsible design, it is possible to install side metal scarves, on which the shelf itself is attached, both from above and below, in order to more rationally fit the shelf into the existing space inside the kitchen.


What are the Advantages of Commercial kitchen Wall Shelving?

Since commercial kitchen wall shelving is not subject to the absorption of odors, products and even food residues, all shelves are easy to clean, an ecological approach and hygiene are observed. There is always an opportunity to remove the smell from the previous cooking. As for example on stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted in a restaurant. There are no restrictions on the period of use. Stainless steel is quite unpretentious in care, and with careful attitude will last for many years. They are not affected by external conditions of use, so the surface is corrosion-free, does not absorb chemicals.

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