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Communication: A most significant Skill in Software Engineering

by Sneha Shukla

Communication: A most significant Skill in Software Engineering

Are you trying to become a software engineer? Your favourite overlooked skill is communication.

a couple of years ago, i wont to be working as an online site project manager. I had taken this job to urge closer to software engineering. I spent my day talking with the clients, account managers, salespeople, engineers, and other PM’s about websites. it had been a busy job full of many stress. Years later, as an engineer, I realize this position taught me how important communication is.

The engineers needed to know what work must be done

The clients needed to know what work we’ll perform

the opposite PM’s needed to know if i would like help or if I’m available to help

The account managers needed to know what work are getting to be done and what the clients expectations are.

and everybody needed to know when the online site work are getting to be done!


Applying communication to a Software Engineering Role. What are you trying to communicate? what’s important?

Here’s how I’ve applied my previous experience as a PM to my role as a junior programmer .

Own what you are doing not know

It’s okay if you are doing not know! it is vital to let your team know. Do some research to undertake to understand , but persist with the 1-hour rule. If you can’t figure it out in an hour, then invite help.


Asking for help

Be sure to ask a specific question! What are you trying to understand? What file/function/concept is that the matter located in? Don’t ask ‘I don’t skills to undertake to to the present .’ Instead, ask ‘How does this function work, specifically the syntax on line 2?’ The more specific, the upper .


What are you trying to communicate? what’s important? Specificity is significant in your communication. Be concise!


Don’t write this:

Hi, I heard the new page isn’t working. we’d like this done soon.

Here’s what’s wrong with this question:

This isn’t a specific question. What must get done?

What is the ‘new page’?

What isn’t working on the page?

When is soon?

Whom did you hear from? Does the new page work for you?


Write this:

Hi, I got a note from QA that the form on some website/example page doesn’t redirect after submitting. i can’t reproduce this issue and that i am unsure how the form redirects. the situation is launching next Monday, are you ready to help me determine if the form is redirecting correctly? What code should I inspect within the application?


Here’s what right with this question:

I defined the issue: the form on example page isn’t redirecting for QA

I noted where I heard the problem from which i attempted to breed it myself

I noted once i want help by

I indicated that i would like help reproducing the error

I noted i would like help to hunt out the form redirect within the codebase

Communication could also be a deep discipline . My goal with this blog is to share my experiences as how of organizing my thoughts, learn, grow, and helping others briefly form, easily consumable posts. I hope this short article is beneficial to you.

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