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How contact lenses exposed a 2005 murder investigation, which resulted in the spouse being sentenced to prison

contact lenses exposed a 2005 murder investigation

by Sonal Shukla

As a result of contact lenses in their glass cases, North Carolina detectives thought that Janet Abaroa was being murdered. This is the true story of how Raven uncovered the murder and what ended up happening to her husband, who has been in prison ever since.


Janet Abaroa’s Story


Janet Abaroa was a woman who had endured years of abuse at the hands of her husband. She fought back in the morning in 2005 and killed him with a stove poker. She then barricaded herself in their home to await police reinforcements. After eight hours, she came out and surrendered to authorities. 


The Murder Of Janet Abaroa: A Murder That Uncovered Years Of Ordeal 

The murder of Janet Abaroa uncovered years of torment and abuse that Janet Abaroa had been enduring at the hands of her husband. According to reports, on the morning of March 12, 2005, a woman fought back against her abuser and fatally stabbed him with a poker stove. After trapping herself inside their home for eight hours while waiting for police backup, she finally emerged and surrendered to authorities. The case has raised many questions about domestic violence and its impact on society.


Details of the Murder


Janet Abaroa was found murdered in her home by her daughter. For years, the murder went unsolved until revelations in 2017 about a previously concealed incestuous relationship between Abaroa and her son forced law enforcement to reopen the case. The seven-month-long investigation revealed that Abaroa had been abused over the years by her son, who killed her when she refused to continue to support him.


The Investigation


 This cold case had been unsolved for over 25 years when the Polizia di Stato finally solved it. The investigation revealed that the murder had been committed due to years of abuse and neglect that Abaroa had suffered at the hands of her husband and family.


The abuse began when she was just a young girl and continued until she eventually left her husband and ended up living on the streets. However, even after all this time, the Polizia di Stato was able to track down her husband and bring him to justice for his crimes against her.


The Trial


She had been stabbed to death. A few weeks after the murder, the police announced that they had arrested her husband, John Abaroa, for her murder.


John Abaroa had been married to Janet for six years at her death. They had two children together. The police believed that John Abaroa was responsible for his wife’s death because he had a history of domestic violence and abuse.


The trial began. It was challenging for the family and friends of Janet Abaroa to watch as John Abaroa was tried for his wife’s murder. The prosecution suggested that John Abaroa had killed Janet because she was trying to leave him and take their children with her. They also argued that he had done it as part of a plot to cover up his crimes against another woman.


The defense team argued that John Abaroa didn’t kill Janet and that he would never have harmed her or their children. They pointed out that many inconsistencies in the testimony of the witnesses had seen John Abaroa around the time of Donna’s murder. Ultimately, the jury took just over four hours to find John Abaroa not guilty of his wife’s murder.


Raven’s Testimony Against His Spouse


Janet Abaroa’s murder has still not been solved, and while many people are still looking for her killer, one man who may have information about the crime is Raven Abaroa. In 2006, Raven married Janet when she was killed in her home. Raven was immediately arrested and charged with murder, but he has since pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. This case has raised many questions, and Raven’s testimony may hold the key to solving the mystery.


Raven tells a story of a marriage plagued with abuse and violence from his spouse. He says that Janet would frequently hit him with objects, punch him in the face, or pull his hair to get him to submit to her will. He also claims she would lock him out of the home and refuse to let him see their child. Despite all of this, he stayed with her because he loved her.


However, things changed drastically after Janet’s death. Raven says that he began receiving threats of his life and soon understood that Janet had hired someone to kill him. He believes that she did this to escape her abusive marriage and take their son away with her. The motive behind this heinous crime has yet to be uncovered, but Raven’s testimony may help solve it.


Mariano’s Verdict and Sentencing


The Murder Of Janet Abaroa: A Murder That Uncovered Years Of Ordeal


After a decade of suffering, the family of Janet Abaroa finally achieved. Some closure after her murderer was brought to justice. Mariano was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Marking the end of a long and challenging journey.


Janet’s death completely shocked her friends and family back in 2004. The 24-year-old mother of one had been abducted from her home in Miami and brutally slain. At first, the police suspected her husband. He was later cleared after they found no evidence linking him to the crime.


Police eventually determined that Janet had been killed because of an ongoing dispute with her ex-boyfriend. He had threatened to reveal embarrassing information about her if she did not break up with him. Her murder uncovered years of anguish and torment for her loved ones.


Mariano was Rescued From DNA Warehouse,


Officials in Arizona say that the remains of a young woman found. A property near Maricopa are those of Janet Abaroa, who had been missing for over nine years. 


The body was discovered by a tenant farmer using the site to grow crops. After an investigation, it was determined that the victim had been imprisoned on the property since 2011. Her body had been hidden in a structure on the property. It is suspected that she had been killed there. 


Amarisano’s family had been calling for her release for years. To her case received national attention after activists used social media to publicize her plight. The motive behind her murder has not yet been determined. But officials believe it may have something to do with her work as a human rights advocate.




 Janet Abaroa was murdered in her home. The case has been cold for many years, but new developments have brought the murder back into the limelight. As this article details, the circumstances of her death remain mysterious. There is no shortage of theories about what happened to Janet that night. If you are interested in reading more about this strange case, check out the full article below!


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