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Designing Your Startup Pitch Deck. Tips That No One Would Tell You

by Sneha Shukla

Startup Pitch Deck? Definitely, this would be the first thing to give a thought to when you might plan to establish your startup idea. Basically, before you wonder how to write a pitch deck, you need to know that they are a perfect piece of content, filled with business concepts, figures, and facts. You must have heard people saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, then you need to understand that it certainly goes a long way. 


Instead of knowing how to write a startup pitch, today, we will focus on the details – The design of the pitch deck. Yes, you read it right! 


Before we begin with all the particulars, let’s go through this quick brief. The main purpose of the pitch deck is to grab the attention of the investors and persuade them to take a one-on-one meeting. Keep in mind that most of the sophisticated investors won’t decide solely on the context of the pitch deck; they would rather read you too. Now that is the reason why you need to entice them to have a face-to-face meeting. So make sure whatever information and data you share in your pitch deck demonstrates your business concept well and encourages them to come up and speak with you or your team. 


Here comes the moment where design plays an important role for many startup pitches. It is an extraordinary way to share your message with potential investors regarding presentation, conceptual thinking, and user experience. All in all, it gives your startup venture a polished personality. So let’s get ahead with the tips now! 


Keep the Brand Basic Initially


Branding is quite tough in the early stages because not all of you will have a fully developed brand. So better choose a two or three-color palette that expresses your business concept. Here we simply meant to choose visuals that hold power to communicate and convey the messages without words in your pitch deck. This is where your journey begins to build the startup’s persona with some energetic and lively colors. 


Accentuate Numbers With Stats 


As a startup owner, your audience’s time is not good, so they typically won’t spend hours and hours reading what you have composed in pages or paragraphs. With this, it becomes quite important to teach the potential of your startup. Use some emphasizing graphs, key figures, or charts to explain the features. Skip those lengthy paragraphs because they will not have the same effect. 


Using Break Down Layouts 


Layouts have always been innovative in bringing those prolonged pieces of information into small bits. And that is what most of the investors would love to go through instead of texts across multiple pages. So instead, choose tiles differentiating with colors and briefing the highlights. 


Show Off Some Professional Photographs


To stoke the interest of your potential investors, you also need to showcase your startup’s commitment, passion, and expertise. How about putting some team photos? The idea is certainly fantastic! However, you need to be creative and driven to deliver information this way. Introduce the founder and team members that convey professionalism. If possible, add some relevant bio/information along with them. 


One last tip that we would love to add here is always to email your startup pitch deck. Ensure a PDF version of your pitch deck to ensure that the imagery, fonts, and formatting used to remain intact. So how do you prefer to give your pitch deck’s white space an extraordinary edge and give it a more professional look and make a greater impact? Let us know in the comments; we would love to consider your suggestions. 


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