by Sonal Shukla

The cooling system by immersion in liquid refrigerant by Bitcoin miners is a proposal that is increasingly present in the crypto world since it is a strategy that seeks to increase and speed up the machines that keep the network alive, that is, the servers and hardware equipment used in the mining process. If you want to trade what you have mined, visit https:/bitcoinboom.app/.

Large mining areas generate a lot of heat, which is not a secret and those in charge of these areas have been studying how to lower the temperature of the servers, where this new immersion system in liquid cooling seems to be the solution, increasing performance And profits, over time all the big miners will employ large-scale submerged mining.

This cooling system provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces high energy consumption, favoring the environment.
  • Reduces the number of moving parts that must be maintained and replaced.
  • Increases the density of the hardware, because the liquid is more effective at removing heat.
  • Provides greater processor utilization by keeping temperatures below the set heating limit
  • Allows ease of maintenance of electronic components as they are kept clean and dry.
  • Significantly reduces noise in server rooms.
  • Helps protect computer equipment from dust.

This new technique allows reducing costs and generating profits, this particularity will be reflected notably in the electricity bill, which will decrease its amount significantly, thanks to the decrease in heating; much more equipment can be placed close to each other, taking advantage of the physical areas to the maximum.

The Microsoft company implemented it by submerging servers in the sea obtaining very optimal results, in this case, we are talking about introducing the servers of the data centers in tanks filled with liquid large enough so that they are submerged, the liquid used in these cases It is dielectric, which isolates the electric current that electronic devices need. This liquid can be mineral oil, deionized water, or a solution specially created for such a process.

This system is classified into two types SINGLE CLASS IMMERSION that uses a cooling liquid that receives the heat from the submerged servers and passes through a circuit to another tank where a water circuit cools it again, once cooled the liquid returns to the tanks servers to fulfill their role. The refrigerant liquid never boils or evaporates, or freezes, for this process are not without essential specific spaces.

And the TWO-PHASE IMMERSION, which is a more complex process that uses a dielectric liquid with a low boiling point of 100º C, is allowed to boil and evaporate due to the heat produced by the immersed servers. The vapor that is released rises from the tank to pass through some condensers, where they return to a liquid state, falling as rain on the tank, starting the process again.

Mining is a process that is currently widely used throughout the world since it generates profits in small amounts daily, which is a large number of servers represents a significant and profitable sum, which is why the improvement of this process is sought, and strategies are used that are against its operation and practice.

Many find it advantageous to mine Bitcoin or any other type of currencies, but everything that this process involves must be taken into account, this aspect of the overheating of the equipment not only affects the hardware as such but also affects the environment. environment, that is why the development of new policies and strategies is used to achieve a balance between those who see this project as a very profitable way of working and earning, and those who enact that it is only a fraud, causing negative influences on the society and the environment.

We must all be aware of the consequences of our actions, but evaluating the different points of view, we can take advantage, that is why mining and Bitcoin are becoming more polar every day and are increasing in a large number worldwide either as small miners from home or at the macro level as consolidated companies.

Immersion cooling has been around and evolved for years, so there are a lot of equipment and non-conductive liquids to choose from, this depends on the hardware being used. Therefore, miners will have no technological problems implementing immersion cooling systems.

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