by Sonal Shukla

In the world of cryptocurrencies, programming codes are the fundamental basis of their creation, all these processes that we see so graphically simple, are created by extensive lines of codes and algorithms programmed by specialists in design and programming.

Blockchain technology offers decentralization to decision-making, giving users the possibility to carry out secure and anonymous transactions. The Blockchain is the main base of cryptocurrencies; due to this the need arises to study the programming language under which it is programmed. To get to know more and start trading bitcoin, find more info here.

Programming language that created the blockchain

The language par excellence selected for the creation of blockchain is the C ++ programming language, oriented to objects, it is the one implemented by the main technologies in the blockchain industry, the first time that this technology was incorporated into Bitcoin it was encoded in this language.

This programming language was selected for blockchain for its sophisticated multi-threaded qualities, primitive control over memory, and most importantly the great ability to handle large amounts of data at once. 

The quality of being an object-oriented language offers developers the way to link data and the methods intended to handle it together, much like how blockchain uses cryptographic chains to join blocks.

Is a programming language that has great speed in data management, is independent to manage processes, and has multiple platforms, easy to use it can also be denoted that it has many redundancy in its code, which makes it complex and difficult to debug.

Blockchain language examples 


Other languages ​​that also provide code and are part of the blockchain programming are JAVA, SOLIDEZ, JAVASCRIPT, SIMPLICITY, AND PITON, which provide important lines of code to improve this technology.

The first version of BITCOIN was written by NAKAMOTO in programming codes of the C ++ language, but in its last update of BITCOIN CORE, the PYTHON and C languages ​​were incorporated.

Currently, high-level languages ​​have emerged that conform to the Bitcoin protocol solving the flaws of C ++.

Languages ​​like Go, created by Google, and Rust, developed by Mozilla, have a much shorter learning curve than C ++. They have a great advantage in that they include controls in their design to avoid programming errors, they are usually easier to handle and they allow the developer not to make mistakes.

Regardless of the programming language that is implemented for the creation and development of cryptocurrencies, it will always focus on making them a safe and reliable project, to provide optimal quality services to crypto users.

Investors never imagine that behind those virtual currencies that offer us new possibilities for economic development, there are thousands of lines of encrypted codes, which will never be public or displayed.

The world of computing is unique and complex, but it is thanks to the specialists who give us the possibility to make use of it and take advantage of its benefits in a simple way.

Every day more improvements are made to the programming codes of cryptocurrencies in general, to solve problems and needs that arise from interaction with users or improvements that are desired to be made to the code by updating.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are similar in that they were developed in the same basic programming language that is C ++, and others that are used as a compliment.

In all this process of coding and creating Bitcoin, a particular aspect stands out, in which it is the one that focuses the most, such as security, because from there the success of it starts, if a cryptocurrency provides security, faster it will gain demand and credibility which causes its prices to experience rises in its values, revaluation and giving economic growth to its investors and users, virtual trade will always be hand in hand with technology.

After all, they depend directly on its tools and specialists in the field, because they are in charge of maintaining these codes so that they work effectively and efficiently at the required time.


The world of cryptocurrency is very broad and covers a large number of areas, not only the economic one, as we can see it is immersed from the personal to the most up-to-date in technology.

Just as technology advances every day, programming languages need to be updated and be the most appropriate to the needs of a technological society in the time and environment of execution; that is why computer languages do impact by the novel, strategic and secure blockchain platform.

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